Posted on 8th April 2021

#MoveOverBob! Women In Building And Why You Should Hire A Female Contractor

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Angela Cacace first decided to explore the world of contracting after winning a contest for her stellar DIY kitchen remodel. Inspired by her win and the praise that followed, she enrolled in the local building program and started to learn more about the contracting business. She knew she had a lot to learn, but what surprised Cacace most of all was the number of fellow women in her class eager to delve into the world of building.

That day, Cacace jokingly used the hashtag #MoveOverBob on Facebook in response to the encouraging show of women in her class. Inspired by the children’s cartoon Bob The Builder, the sentiment respectfully challenges men in the industry to make a little room for women who want to learn more about contracting. What she didn’t know is that this hashtag would turn into a movement.


Women In Contracting

#MoveOverBob has become an Instagram account, Facebook page, and website dedicated to empowering trailblazing girls and women to take up space in formerly “nontraditional” careers like welding, contracting, and carpentry. What started as one woman’s foray into the world of building has inspired women all over the world to take a chance on a career that may have been perceived in the past as “only for men.”

Women are feeling more empowered to follow their passion for building and enter the workforce as professional contractors. While historically there has been a stigma attached to women in contracting, Cacace believes the limitations to her success early on in her career were mostly within her own mind. With encouragement from fellow classmates and teachers, she was able to form a successful business.

If you are interested in learning more about a career in building, a great place to start would be a reputable education program like RocketCert to learn what it takes to be a contractor and how to obtain the proper licenses. Many individuals are excited to hire a female contractor for their projects, and as more women take the plunge and enter the field, others will be empowered to join.


Why You Should Choose A Female Contractor


Support A Woman-Owned Small Business

Did you know that women only make up 9% of the contracting business, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? When you hire a female contractor, you are helping a local woman-owned business gain more visibility.

Small businesses have been hit hard this year due to the pandemic, and women and minority-owned businesses have taken an especially lethal blow. When you support a woman-owned business, you help the business owner continue to lift up other women in her network and inspire other women to join the industry.   


Safety + Collaboration

If you are a woman looking to remodel your house or make some repairs, it can make all the difference to hire a female contractor. Working with another woman can ease potential anxiety, and help you feel the freedom to collaborate or voice your concerns about the remodeling process. Many female architects and builders pride themselves on the sense of ease clients feel when they walk in the room, regardless of gender.


Focus On Design

If you are obsessed with aesthetics, you may want to look into hiring a female contractor. Many women entering the business are shifting from a career in art, architecture, fashion, sculpture, or interior design and can bring a fresh and unexpected perspective to the collaborative process. If you are looking for a discerning eye on your project, consider hiring a female contractor for your repair or remodel.



The world of contracting is an up-and-coming field for women, but female builders are still in the minority and are subjected to discrimination and condescension every day. Despite the statistics, more women are empowered to defy the status quo each day, rolling up their sleeves and challenging the stereotype of what it looks like to be a contractor.

So, if you are a woman drawn to building, welding, electrical work, or contracting, don’t be afraid to say #MoveOverBob and start trailblazing for other women in your community!