Posted on 16th June 2023

Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City

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As the human race, it is of utmost importance that we come together to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and green world to live in now – as well as for future generations to come after us. Huatan is a cutting-edge, international firm which utilises a plethora of technological advancements to improve design, architecture, environmentalism, care, and the preservation of our planet. We learn from Huatan’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, as it wins its title in the Architecture Awards 2023.


“Our passion is to work to make the world greener.”


Since 2006, Huatan has been serving customers in both the commercial and residential sphere. Huatan continues to surpass all expectations in order to create a greener landscape in Mexico. Also working in four major cities in the US – Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas – and very soon, Florida – Huatan has already started unbreakable partnerships throughout its time.


“For more than 15 years and with over 10 million square feet planted, we have had the amazing opportunity to transform grey into green with each of our projects and services.”


Founder and CEO Daniel Gómez Bilbao tells us, “Our customers include some of the most notable restaurant chains in Mexico, a television network, commercial spaces, large corporations’ offices and terraces, rooftops, and more. In the residential sector, our landscapes play a role in the closeness of the families who enjoy our garden designs every day.”

Daniel has been at the helm of Huatan for over 16 years – a tremendous level of dedication from a strong leader with a great vision for a more sustainable way of living. Ensuring that he, and his team, is committed to creating spaces that will stand the test of time, act as great sources of joy, and make the world a cleaner, greener place to live.


“For us, each project has specific needs and is completely unique. This is why we seek to design every green space in a special way.”


Daniel tells us that Huatan works seamlessly by using its entire team’s innovative, creative, and exciting imagination – feeding into “out-of-the-box concepts.” He continues, “We sketch those out on paper and begin drawing the general shape of the project. This is followed by narrowing the ideas down based on the needs of the space and our clients’ experiential requirements, analysing the aesthetics and functionality of our plant palette to propose botanical families that harmonize and introduce well-being in each space.”

Each member of Huatan strives to make a difference. They are all part of a multidisciplinary team which operates like a well-oiled machine. Able to work individually to come up with new ideas, and competent in sharing ideas to create simple yet effective solutions for advancements in the industry. The team includes “architects, landscapers, agronomists, industrial designers, biologists, and gardeners.  Who their wisdom of ages that have spent generations learning from the land, are the ones who work in each of these processes in order to contribute their knowledge and offer solutions to every need that arises,” says Daniel.

Huatan takes initiative to every new journey, every new project, to truly transform “grey into green”.

Green spaces bring a breath of fresh air, literally and metaphorically. The way plants grow means that they are constantly trading our carbon dioxide for an output of oxygen – purifying and oxygenating our air. Daniel adds, “May each space we design be a contribution to people’s well-being and encourage the rediscovery of the innate bond we have with nature. For each of our designs to be a haven of tranquillity, generating peace and harmony in the chaos of the city, not only for the people who live there but also for all the fauna that lives there such as birds, insects, and millions of other animals.”

Not only helping with CO2 capture for the health of the planet, Huatan cares for humans and animals alike. It endeavours to look after the pollinators, and all other inhabitants, for the greater good of the planet and its inhabitant’s health.

Flora and fauna can completely renovate the landscape, both externally and internally. We can see a shift in how we view the world, but we also feel a shift within ourselves – mentally. Good for our mental health, plants can actually have an impact on the way we feel; plants can lift our spirits, cleanse our bodies with their oxygen output, and soothe our minds when we spend time around them. Huatan creates “small, natural paradises within cities” so that we can find a beautiful escape from all of the intimidatingly grey buildings.

Talking of one of Huatan’s fantastic achievements, Daniel tells us, “One of our most recent projects was to give life to a green space inside the most important television station in Mexico.” Ultimately, life isn’t without challenges, but Huatan knows how to tackle them and transform them into windows for opportunity. Daniel continues, “The challenge was to make this space, not only a breath of nature within the facilities but also, serve as part of the scenery for the transmission of its newscasts with the largest audience. For this reason, the concept of this landscape design was created to connect people with nature, both for those who work within the television station and thousands of viewers who see it through its transmission.”

By working together as a team, Huatan has increased its success rates and become a great player within the industry. As an integral part of society, landscape companies are doing invaluable work which improves all of our lives in some way. Daniel comments on the industry’s development in the current world. He says, “Landscape architecture, which is our area of specialty, is in a period of global growth. It is a prevailing need for cities to be increasingly greener, for asphalt to be replaced by plants and quads by gardens. People have gone back to look toward nature as a fundamental piece of their daily happiness.” Daniel, amongst many others, believes that “the isolation caused by the pandemic boosted this need for reconnection at an unstoppable speed.”

Indeed, we have all experienced the bitter taste that the pandemic has left. After such a tumultuous time it has been magnificent to see companies like Huatan to flourish despite any hardships they may have faced throughout the past few years. Huatan has faced its challenges head on and continued to design and implement its plans for a more sustainable – and beautiful – surrounding environment.

By cultivating its own sustainable technology which has, ultimately, pushed it even further into the limelight, Huatan is changing the industry as we know it. “The challenge we face is to create more and better natural spaces using technology as an ally for sustainability, which is why we are developers of our own technology. This obviously implies constant evolution and maintenance,” says Daniel.

The four major cities it works with in the US are only the tip of the iceberg for Huatan’s expansion as it continues to look for more partnerships in different locations. Always striving to innovate, improve, and explore new ideas – alongside its technological developments – Huatan is making a huge impact on the world around it.

As the first company to successfully export live Mexican plants to the United States, Huatan has truly made a name for itself. Bringing beauty to every project it touches, Huatan consistently advances, makes more connections, and improves the ecosystem – which means that Daniel and the team can continue doing what they do best, all for the greater good of the planet and everyone who lives on it.

Daniel adds, “We are proud plant producers with our very own 12-acre nursery that produces more than 1 million square feet of grass and more than 1 million plants a year of different species for our own use, 25% of them with the necessary characteristics for export.”

The future will bring even more bright spaces that are rich in texture, colour, scents, and life – whether it be the insects, animals, humans, or plants, all of us can enjoy the luxurious spaces that Huatan creates. Daniel shares, “We are very excited about the future and a new venture of ours is close to becoming a reality. We are about to open a new business project called Casa Huatan which will be our direct sales to the public. Casa Huatan will have three points of contact: a physical store located in one of the most upscale, busiest areas of Mexico City, online sales through our website, and Casa Huatan’s Plant Truck, a mobile shop and display in a retro Volkswagen Camper Van conditioned to partially open like a box, with a retractable roof for a panoramic shopping experience.

“Casa Huatan will be home to an extensive variety of plants that range from the easiest to care for, to exotic and collectibles. We will also offer designer pots, pest control created with Huatan recipes using 100% natural ingredients, and promote the sale of exclusive urban gardens, designed by us. We will also have a plant hospital, where a biologist will give the necessary care to sick plants as well as guides for pest control.”

Of course, Huatan will make the opportunity to dine with freshly cut herbs – from its gardens – for a “fully immersive experience”. It is set to skyrocket even further now that the troublesome times are looking much brighter, and the future looks a lot greener with Huatan in the world.

With sheer passion towards making our spaces a better place for us all, and the generations to follow, Huatan is doing all it can to thrive in a world that seemed so grey before it. Due to its dedication, care, and top-tier service, Huatan has now won Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City in the Architecture Awards 2023. We look forward to seeing what it does next!

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