Whether you’re looking to simply refresh your home or completely transform your living space, here are some current trends from this year that are worth considering and adding to your home. Being stuck inside during lockdown has made us all appreciate our homes more and want to create a calming space to enjoy spending time in. These trends don’t have to break the bank, you can do plenty of upgrades on a budget if you wish.

Home libraries

If you are fed up with yourself and your family constantly staring at an electronic device, why not consider making a home library? This will create an inviting space to sit and have some quiet time, where you can get stuck into a great book or magazine. This could be in part of your living room or, if you have the space, you could turn a spare room into one. Doing so can easily create a cosy and relaxing location that the whole family can utilise. It doesn’t have to be huge or involve large-scale renovations – one bookshelf would be enough to display all your favourite novels!

Fitted wardrobes

Opting for built-in storage by having fitted wardrobes installed in the home can provide you with extra space to stow your personal belongings. You can have draws fitted into the wardrobe to keep your important documents or valuables safe and away from the hustle and bustle of the home. Sliding doors enable you to open your wardrobe effortlessly and easily see all your belongings – perfect for those who want to choose their outfits quickly and with ease.


Barkitecture is a trendy new term for an area in the home designed for your pet. As a nation of pet lovers, it only seems logical to get to grips with interior design for your dogs or cats. Why not convert a spare room or an empty corner into your pet’s bedroom – this will also act as a storage area for their toys and belongings so that they don’t clutter the rest of the home. This trend has become particularly popular since the rise of pet ownership during the pandemic; after all, for the majority of the population, their pet is the centre of their family!


Sustainability is becoming more and more concerning for everyone, as it should be. Many homeowners are taking steps to minimise and reduce their carbon footprint, and one of the ways that they are doing this is through interior design, such as by making their homes as eco-friendly as possible. This can include anything from buying pre-loved furniture to purchasing from local suppliers, or using sustainable day-to-day materials, like glass Tupperware. Vintage is a respectable style within itself, therefore implementing this into your home can not only be stylish but also advantageous for the environment. There are countless retailers where you can obtain second-hand furniture for a reasonable price, with some individuals advertising their belongings online for free!