Posted on 26th June 2023

Luxury Residential Renovation Firm of the Year 2023 – Australia

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We are thrilled to announce that Martin Kolarik Home Design has been awarded the prestigious Luxury Residential Renovation Firm of the Year award. This boutique home design firm offers a full-service approach, incorporating all aspects of every project with the goal of integrating the clean lines of modern architecture with contemporary elements to create designs that are in harmony with their clients’ dreams and homes.

At the core of Martin Kolarik Home Design’s philosophy is a focus on the principles of aesthetics, function, and sustainability as the cornerstones of responsible architecture. When these principles are combined, the result is a home that is an expression of simplicity and elegance.

Simple, elegant design finds the balance between ornamentation and minimalism. It combines the clean lines of Scandinavian design with the traditional, functional design approach used in Japanese design. The inherent nature and textures of materials such as timber, masonry, glass, and fabrics can be used to create spaces that are warm and comfortable, yet uncluttered.

Similarly, colours need to be a balance of neutrals and exciting highlights to create spaces which are both relaxing and stimulating.

Martin’s ability to adapt his design approach to vastly different homes is highlighted in the project “An Echo of Deco” in Beecroft, Sydney. This project involved the renovation and transformation of a modest 1960’s bungalow into a beautiful home with a unique character that credibly showcased the client’s Art Deco furniture and art.

The client’s brief called for a contemporary, light-filled, and open-plan space that could accommodate easy living in their retirement. They expressed their desire for a beautiful home with character to showcase their passion for collecting and restoring Art Deco furniture and art. This presented a unique and exciting challenge. 

Martin approached the project with a creative interpretation of the late Art Deco era, known as the P&O style, which incorporated soft curves and glass brick windows. One of the most notable design elements is the curved entry stair and balustrade, repeated in the glass brick windows in the lounge room at the front and dining room at the rear, and in the design of the island bench.

The curved glass brick wall in the lounge room offered a display presence for a beautiful Art Deco statue that became the focal point of the interior. Curved glass brick walls were popular in Art Deco because they allowed soft curvature of a translucent window, which allowed light to penetrate the house while preserving privacy.The renovation also incorporated contemporary functionality and sustainability as key elements of the design, while delivering congruence between the interior and exterior. The result was a home that exuded contemporary elegance, in addition to being comfortable and practical for the clients’ everyday living needs.

The clients were proud of their newly transformed home, referring to it as “An Echo of Deco.” They praised Martin for his ability to understand their vision and for his creative interpretation. His clients now enjoy the relaxing sense of space from the open-plan living that Martin has achieved, and they feel satisfied seeing their vision come to life from the original drawings to the finished product.

Martin’s foundational experience in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings has given him broad experience of construction and craftsmanship in design, while his passion has always been homes. That means touching people’s lives – impacting them every single day for the long term, which is a huge responsibility for him as a designer. He has dedicated his entire professional career to pursuing excellence in design, in every project.

Martin Kolarik Home Design practice is focused on Sydney’s North Shore, where the architecture is varied, and the homes have a special elegance, unique character, and quality that makes them ideal for renovating to meet today’s lifestyles. Martin’s local design expertise includes Heritage, Bushfire, and Biodiversity, along with complex undulating sites which are essential elements on Sydney’s North Shore. As a result, the firm attracts clients with properties that ultimately require complex solutions. Martin’s designs are sympathetic to a diverse range of properties with a focus on contemporary features for a comfortable lifestyle.

The Hornsby Heights residence was a small bungalow nestled on the edge of the Australian bush in Sydney, which offered the opportunity of spectacular views in every direction.

The client’s brief was for a large home that had “simple elegance and maximum functionality”.

The property’s Flame-Zone Bushfire rating had a high degree of impact on the design, including the selection of materials and construction techniques.

Martin designed a simple yet functional floor plan which centred on a dramatic three-storey glass-walled internal stairway, whilst the elevated walkway at the rear links the first floor to the garden.

We particularly like how the home’s sculptural elements came to life with the roof design reflecting the nature of the site which included steep sloping land and level plateaus. 

The home sits comfortably within the surrounding environment. The family gets to enjoy the amazing feeling of their home in the bush environment, with a sense of spaciousness and views from every room, providing their family with a very comfortable and modern home.

Martin’s award-winning Wahroonga residence project is a high-quality, extensive addition to the ground floor, with the addition of a new first-floor. This renovation was a complete transformation of the façade of the 1950’s red-brick home, that featured established gardens and an elevated street presence.

The client’s brief was to enlarge the home in an elegant style to accommodate their family, and to ensure that the new first-floor addition was not visible from the street.

We love the inclusion of a luxurious portico featuring balanced proportions that complements the style of the house and provides a warm welcome to all visitors.

Creative lighting and a balance of solid and translucent materials creates a sense of drama and beauty. The light-filled, spacious entry and grand stairway present an immediate impression of warmth, comfort, and style!

In addition to Martin’s exceptional design skills, the firm is also committed to serving the community through its online educational materials, which provide advice on a diverse range of design and renovation topics. The firm’s consultative approach is based on trust and mutual respect, with Martin taking the time to truly understand his clients’ needs and offering high-quality advice to enable them to make sound decisions with confidence.

We therefore recognize Martin Kolarik Home Design as the Luxury Residential Renovation Firm of the Year 2023 – Australia. Martin’s dedication to excellence in design, his commitment to sustainability, and his ability to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional make him a true leader in the industry.


Martin Kolarik – Director of Design and Business

+61 407 900 068

Photography by Thomas Dalhoff