Colourful kitchen

Every single year brings in new trends in every aspect of interior design, and this includes the kitchen space. New trends emerge in this space constantly. However, there is one particular trend that is set to be huge this year – Kitschy Kitchens.

So, what is a kitschy kitchen, and how can you bring this leading trend into your home? Below, kitchen design expert Penelope Jacobs at explains everything you need to know, from the key features to some unique ideas that you can incorporate into your kitchen design.

What Is The Kitschy Kitchen Design?

Kitschy kitchens are all about allowing homeowners to be creative and add some personality to their kitchen space. It’s all about freedom of expression, art, and embracing the unconventional. A kitschy kitchen will show off your individuality with a design that sets your kitchen apart.

The Key Features of The Kitschy Kitchen Design Trend

There are many ways in which you can incorporate this design trend into your own kitchen space. Below is a list of the main components of this trend.

Embracing Funky Furniture

Furniture plays a big part in this trend as you can show off your individuality in a big way. Think mismatched chairs, a unique dining table, and quirky accents. When all of these elements are placed together, they create a completely unique kitchen space. Look out for individual items and one-of-a-kind pieces that you can add to your kitchen. When collecting furniture for your kitchen, choose things that speak to your soul rather than going for the traditional. The more eccentric, the better.

Playful Units

Your kitchen units will be much more playful when embracing this trend. Say goodbye to the traditional kitchen units and say hello to a whole host of playful storage solutions. Things like open shelving, repurposed furniture, and salvaged crates will all take the lead. This trend is all about rebelling against the conventions of a traditional kitchen, so be prepared to think differently. Curate custom storage solutions that suit your needs rather than sticking to traditional storage solutions. Make sure your storage solutions are not just functional but also a declaration of your individuality and personality.

Vibrant Colour Schemes

This eccentric kitchen trend is all about colour. Ditch the neutrals and muted shades and, instead, embrace the bright and bold. With so many vibrant colours on the spectrum, you have the freedom to play around and create something that really speaks to you. What are your favourite colours? How can these tie into your kitchen design? A Kitschy kitchen should be lively and fun, so choose an array of bright and wonderful colours and create something playful that speaks to your soul.

Funky Flooring Choices

When it comes to the eccentric kitschy kitchen trend, your floor becomes a canvas for your unique creativity. Say goodbye to the conventional kitchen flooring options and choose something that speaks to you. Bright and bold colours can work well here with a unique pattern that really draws the eyes inwards. Again, look deeply into your personality and choose a flooring that really speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different in your flooring choices.

Bold Splashbacks

You can elevate your kitchen’s appeal with the use of a striking splashback. The kitschy kitchen trend invites you to break free from the norms of conventional tiles and, instead, explore something that is a bit more unconventional. Mirrored splashbacks are a great idea as these can help add a touch of glamour while also helping spread natural light around the room, brighten up the space, and make the kitchen seem larger. Whatever you choose, your splashback can be used to create an artistic statement rather than just being a mere practical element.

Thrifty Finds and Vintage Accents

Thrifting is a key element of designing your perfect kitschy kitchen. You want to find pieces that really speak to you and that are completely unique. Thrifting is perfect for finding that one piece that really finishes off your kitchen design. Check out charity shops, second-hand stalls, and online marketplaces, and even ask your family if there are any family heirlooms that you can make use of in your design. Every piece tells a story, and this is perfect for this kitchen trend. Plus, it’s much more sustainable and environmentally friendly to choose second-hand pieces. It’s fun to search for and find these perfect items.

Mixing and Matching

The beauty of this trend is that you can play with mixing and matching different colours and materials. You don’t need to worry too much about everything being cohesive. Instead, you can play with various designs to create something completely unique that speaks to you as an individual. Don’t be afraid to be bold and play around with various design elements until you find what works for you. There are no set rules to follow with this trend.

Add Some Personality to Existing Furniture

You can add some personality to your existing furniture by adding some paint. Chalk furniture paint is a great option as it’s sustainable and can help to add some pops of colour to your otherwise boring pieces of furniture. The chalky finish also adds an element of vintage charm. Consider mixing and matching with different shades to create something that is completely unique.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways in which you can incorporate this design trend in your own kitchen. It’s all about being fun and adding your own personality to the space. Don’t feel obliged to follow any set rules. This trend is all about choosing design elements that speak to you and that make you happy. Play around with your favourite colours and materials, and add some accents that bring your kitchen space to life.