UK Transport Awards 2020

SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 19 , Kingscote Rojay Ltd. Best International Multi-Modal & Logistics Organisation 2020 Feb20069 Contact Information: Company: Kingscote Rojay Ltd. Contact: Andy Mead Website: Transferring cargo internationally is no small feat, and one that requires a great amount of logistical skill and technique. Fortunately, importing and exporting goods across the border of the United Kingdom and Ireland is a technique that KRL has been mastering for more than twenty five years. Founded in 1993, the firm now collaborates with an extensive range of partners at facilities and locations all around the world. Together, KRL and its partners work tirelessly to ensure the timely and cost-efficient delivery, collection, and transfer of cargo from destinations across the globe. Drawing on decades of experience and knowledge from within the transportation and logistics industry, the firm has grown to become one of the leading multi-modal and logistics organisations at work in the United Kingdom and Ireland today. Not only has KRL integrated its systems with UK customs for faster clearance, but the firm also offers guidance on document preparation and submission to help facilitate the processing when crossing borders. Within the borders of the UK and Ireland, KRL operates ten hubs and a modern road haulage fleet for easy transportation of goods and consignments. Pickups and deliveries are more easily facilitated with an increased number of hubs, whilst the warehousing facilities, custom packing, and pick-and-pack services allow the firm to better support its supply chain solutions. Meeting the supply chain needs of clients is one thing, but surpassing them in style by delivering a professional and quality service is another thing entirely. KRL is solely concerned with the latter, building on the efforts of its expert professionals to satisfy the international freight and supply chain needs of its clients. By offering logistical solutions that allow its clients to not only achieve, but far supersede their organisational goals, KRL will continue to be counted as one of the top logistics firms in the industry long after the competition has faded away. As the competitors within the industry continue to address the needs of businesses today, KRL looks to the future whilst also catering to the present. It has mastered the art of forward thinking, understanding its clients businesses and providing tailor-made solutions and value- added services that are truly innovative. Delivering to and from anywhere in the world, another key to KRL’s success lies in its ability to cater to any need that a client may have. No import or export is too difficult for the highly-experienced and knowledgeable logistics team, who can chart transport arrangements for different types of cargo that Since its inceptionmore than a quarter of a century ago, Kingscote Rojay Ltd. (KRL) has been providing the best international multi-modal and logistics services to clients all over the world. Importing and exporting good across the borders of the United Kingdomand Ireland, the firmhas steadily built up an expansive and extensive network of partners at more than four hundred facilities and thirteen thousand locations across the world. Following the firm’s win, we took a closer look at its services to understand how it works. require the application of different forms of transport modes. Whether novel or a journey that has been made a hundred times before, each project is approached with diligence and dedication to ensure that clients are getting the best value for their money. Whether a clients needs are infrequent import and export, regular consignments, or more complex supply chain solutions, the ethos at KRL remains the same; to provide the control and visibility that a client’s business requires in a cost-effective manner. Through its network of more than four hundred facilities across five continents, the firm provides global logistics unlike any others. To maintain that position, there is constant investment in the services that KRL offer. Recent investment has seen the fleet of vehicles fitted with GPS trackers to allow for real-time visibility of all vehicles, to ensure a quick response to any customer needs during transfer. KRL runs a fully- hosted cloud-based communication system, which ensures solutions are provided quickly and customers are given track-and-trace updates on the status of their consignment. As a result, there is a strong relationship of trust and accountability. KRL has mastered the art of importing and exporting across the borders of the United Kingdom and Ireland. There no longer has to be lengthy waiting times for documents to be processed, and for updates on where a delivery is on its journey. KRL has proven that it can be done with exceptional efficiency, and there is never a need to go back. This is the future of logistics and transportation, and KRL have made it superb.