UK Transport Awards 2020

18 SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 , Scot Cycles Best Bicycle Sales & Services Shop - West Lothian Feb20105 Contact Information: Company: Scot Cycles Contact: Robert Dalgleish Website: Cycling is a hugely popular form of exercise, one that many people learn at a very early age. Buying that first bike and taking it out for a ride is an exciting experience, and often a treasured memory. People cycle for many different reasons, whether it be a rigorous form of exercise, a gentle ride through the countryside, or a more eco-friendly way of getting to work and social events. Due to many people using bicycles for many different reasons, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to buying a bike. It requires expert knowledge, a keen understanding of the bike’s purpose, and whether it adequately suit the needs of the person buying it. Enter, Scot Cycles, where the team brings all the necessary expertise together to find any buyer the perfect bike for any purpose. Friendly and patient, the staff at Scot Cycles are the perfect partners when searching for the ideal bike. Whether a slick racing cyclist, or a beginner just learning with stabilisers, there is time and bikes aplenty at Scot Cycles. Staff will take the time to understand exactly what it is a client requires from a bike, and work to find a solution that is nothing short of perfection. From the adjustable seat height, to the structure of the frame, and any additional safety measures that may be implemented, there is a lot to consider when buying a bike. Every staff member is always on hand to help, serving with diligence and dedication to getting the right bike first time, every time. Not just adept in selling the right bike for the right person, the expertise of the team at Scot Cycles stretches into knowing the best accessories and additions for each of the bikes they sell, and the riders themselves. From bells and baskets, to helmets and kneepads, there is a great deal to remember when it comes to riding a bike safely with everything attached. For the seasoned professionals out there, Scot Cycles also offers a range of clothing for any cycling needs. Whether a brisk cycle in the countryside, or a cross-country marathon of a bike ride, there is something for every kind of rider, and every kind of ride. As well as the impeccable sales that Scot Cycles offers, there is also a comprehensive suite of bicycle servicing that the shop offers, dealing in everything from a straightforward safety check, to a complete strip and rebuilding job. Making sure that a bike is safe to ride is imperative, as it can be seriously dangerous if even one aspect is not working as it should be. Scot Cycles offers varying different Healthy living requires more than just an excellent diet; it is always encouraged that there be some formof exercise. Different things work for different people, but cycling is a true joy for many. Feeling the rush of the wind in one’s hair and watching the world go by is hard to beat. Finding the right bicycle, and ensuring it is properly serviced, is crucial tomaximising that enjoyment. That’s where Scot Cycles comes in, offering the perfect bicycle andmaking sure that everything runs smoothly for that perfect ride. degrees of service over different areas, including gears, hydraulic brakes, and non-hydraulic brakes, as well as free pre-delivery inspection for new bikes in their box. Setting up gears and brakes, tightening up bolts to the required torque, and general setting up of a bike is best done with an expert on hand to help, and Scot Cycles is more than happy to help. Each service, including the Silver Service and Gold Service, is aimed at getting any bike bought from Scot Cycles into the best possible shape for riding. The Silver Service includes setting up brakes and gears correctly, trueing wheels, tightening up all bolts for torque, lubricating chain and cables, as well as full inspection for damage and wear, and any necessary parts replacement. Scot Cycles’ Gold Service is a bit more thorough, including all the aforementioned services on top of a full strip down of bearings surfaces and complete inclusion of all control cables. Making sure to exercise is something that everyone should be concerned with. Scot Cycles remains wholly committed to ensuring that every single customer can walk away from its shop with a bike they are comfortable with, and will inspire them to get out on it. Enjoying the countryside is a wonderful experience; doing it with the rush of wind and a comfortable bicycle from Scot Cycles can be even more so.