UK Transport Awards 2020

20 SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 , The Car Specialists Best High-End Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership - South Yorkshire Feb20103 Contact Information: Company Name: The Car Specialists Contact Name: James Holland Telephone Number: 01142795574 Address: Unit 6, The Old Barracks, Edmund Road, Sheffield, S2 4EE Web Address: As a family-run business, The Car Specialists have extensive knowledge when it comes to high-end cars and motorbikes. Combined with their enthusiasm and attention to detail, they continue to lead the way in the sales of sports and prestige cars. To begin with James gives us a brief overview of the firm’s specialisms and its typical client base. “Alongside my wife Helen in accounts, my sister Eve in sales and six other staff members who have been with us a long time, we have sold many a first car and high-end dream cars to our clients. Our clients are typically from all walks of life and we take great pride in treating them as individuals and presenting them with all their options. As a car dealership, we understand the ‘one shoe fits all approach’ doesn’t apply to all our customers, and as such our specialty is to offer a truly bespoke service, whether that’s regarding your finance package, delivery of your vehicle or private viewing.” In addition to selling high-end vehicles to their customers, the firm offer additional services in exterior, upholstery and glass protection to protect the cosmetic condition of your new car. As James confirms, “It makes sense to ensure that both your investment and pleasure of ownership is properly safeguarded.” The transport market has proved to be a thoroughly competitive one with dealerships striving to provide high-quality vehicles to their customers on time. As James goes on to explain the firm leave no stone unturned in their efforts to stand out from the crowd. “We are extremely thorough when it comes to checking over our vehicles, with no vehicle leaving our premises without a service, MOT, tyre Founded in 2006, The Car Specialists are leading purveyors of high-end used cars across South Yorkshire. Following on from their success in the UK Transport Awards 2020, we got in touch with James Holland to find out more. check or full PDI multi point check. As winners of the local Trading Standards Award for 8 consecutive years, we deliver everything the customers demand and more. After all, we want them to enjoy their new purchases as they drive away.” The one major change in the transport industry has been the introduction of electric vehicles, with more customers now changing their vehicle to save money. James is keen to highlight that this is something the firm will have to keep in mind in their day to day work. “Not a massive amount has changed for us, as we believe by stocking desirable vehicles at sensible prices, the business should continue to run smoothly. However, as we strive to keep up with the times, we will need to introduce more hybrid vehicles into our range.” The company culture in place at The Car Specialists is purely based on teamwork as the firm look to maintain their reputation in the market. As James informs us, working amongst a small team has resulted in their employees showing a great deal of loyalty. “The majority of our staff have been with us a long time and they are happy to implement our visions. Their happiness is paramount to us, so we do everything we can to support them.” Finally, James commented on the future of the business and the plans in place to ensure they remain at the forefront of the automotive dealership sector. “Going forward, the training of our current staff will be important as we value the talent we currently have on board. In the rare event we do need to recruit more staff, we have previously been lucky enough to find appropriate candidates who fit in well. As we also aim to stay with the times in terms of advertising, we will continue to use social media which has worked well for us.”