Q4 2022

21 Q4 2022 BUILD A New View on Sustainability VELUX Group was voted the Best Global Roof Windows Brand 2022 by BUILD. As VELUX Group is the world’s largest roof window manufacturer, it has a responsibility to lead the way on sustainability within its sector. With manufacturing operations in over 36 countries and approximately 12,500 employees, VELUX Group has a large influence on the industry and its trends, which is why the company strongly advocates for reducing carbon emissions in both building materials and from buildings. Join us as we learn more about the brand and its sustainability initiatives. or over 80 years, the VELUX Group has been bettering people’s living environments by introducing daylight and fresh air through the roof. The company boasts a range of products that help ensure people’s health and well-being when inside buildings, including roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sun screening products, and roller shutters plus smart home solutions to operate them. The VELUX Group’s purpose is about creating well-being for both people and planet. The focus on people and planet honours its commitment to sustainability, which is integrated in its corporate strategy. As a model company, VELUX Group believes that it has a responsibility to do more than most, and drive change within the business, its sector, and beyond. For example, VELUX Group is striving to lead the way in its sector when it comes to running a sustainable business and reducing the carbon emissions from its own operations, products, and value chain. Furthermore, it is capturing its historical scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions through forest projects managed by World Wide Fund for Nature and has kicked off the first project in Uganda. The VELUX-WWF partnership is a long-term commitment to capture the VELUX Group’s own carbon emissions F Aug22293 from its founding in 1941 and right through to its 100-year anniversary in 2041. This is expected to be achieved through up to five projects operating globally at any one time. This unique approach to protecting and restoring forests has further bolstered VELUX Group’s focus on sustainability. Moreover, together with WWF, VELUX Group is encouraging other businesses to take responsibility beyond their value chain mitigations. The company hopes that this will result in widespread change, bringing forth a climate resilient society, whilst reversing the global decline in biodiversity. When it comes to the company’s direct emissions, VELUX Group has accelerated its energy efficiency activities across its factories and warehouses and are looking to phase out fossil energy in its heat generation – for example, the company uses heat pumps powered by renewable electricity. It is also pursuing constructive dialogue with its suppliers, as it hopes to cultivate industry-wide transformation. The construction industry and building environment have key roles to play in ensuring that the global temperature does not exceed 1.5°C – currently the built environment accounts for 40% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions, and residential buildings alone are responsible for approximately 20%. Henceforth, VELUX Group is on a mission to have halve its emissions across its entire value chain by 2030. In addition to its sustainability goals, VELUX Group has several ambitious plans for the future, including projects for the Build for Life initiative. A pioneering, multidisciplinary initiative, Build for Life strives to reconnect people with the planet through health oriented, eco-friendly buildings. VELUX will unveil its Living Places project in Copenhagen (2023) in collaboration with EFFEKT architects, MOE engineers and Enemærke & Petersen contractors. The project promotes a new way of thinking about homes and spaces, showcasing 1:1 solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and provide environmentally responsible spaces for families and communities. Company: VELUX Group Web: www.velux.com