Q4 2022

20 BUILD Q4 2022 Aug22130 As a Hong Kong based interior design company, ZIU I.A. has been propelled to the very forefront of its industry by the belief in and delivery of the very highest standards. Nominally, it endeavours to create spaces of the highest levels of immersion, working to fit a client’s brief and to make itself their partner in effective, timely, and balanced interior design that achieves all their goals. With a name that derives from the Cantonese pronunciation of the word ‘morning’, it draws inspiration from hope, vitality, and fresh ideas to forge bold new perspectives. IA I.A. is a bold new voice in the world of interior design. Based in Hong Kong, it is thriving in this busy market segment by perfectly reflecting its own values and design philosophy, using materials, patterns, floral arrangements, and smart spatial engineering. This, in short, has allowed it to deliver playful and passionate work in tandem with the client in order to make the design process one of mutual enthusiasm and interest as well as to ensure that the client remains the beating heart of the project. Aiming for visual, emotional, and tactile excellence, the goal is to achieve storytelling through space, and as a result, the client’s utmost satisfaction. With both commercial and residential projects in its portfolio and its future, most of its clients reach it through word-of-mouth referral; this means that none of them must take its word for it when it comes to its own excellence. Indeed, each of them approaches based on the merit of its portfolio and the glowing comments of its past clients alone, and this is all it has ever needed to achieve the utmost standards of success, learning Z from its peers and the changing trends of its industry in order to continue improving. In this manner, its clients can trust that it will never rest on its laurels, and that it will always seeks to grow, change, and develop further. Nominally, much of this is achieved through its pedigree as a native Hong Kong company. The region boasts some of the latest and greatest ideas for interior design and creative spatial storytelling, with an incredibly high-density city of vastly diverse people who each have different wants and needs, and thus vastly different design specifications. Because of this, the projects it takes on are each massively unique in aesthetic and atmosphere, and it loves creating residential, office, and commercial spaces that compliment the in-depth history of the region, and the richness of its clients lifestyles. Company: ZIA I.A. Contact: Siu Man Ho Website: ziu-ia.com Interior Design Studio of the Year 2022 - Hong Kong