Q3 2022

27 Q3 2022 BUILD Urban Architecture with a Passion Based in central Hong Kong, Place Making Architects (PMA), delivers a range of services to provide its clients with cutting-edge design solutions. Founded in 2018, the boutique practice combines architecture with urban design, landscape architecture and interior design. PMA is awarded Best for Modern Urban Design and Architecture, 2022 – Hong Kong oung architecture and design firm, Place Making Architects (PMA), has a special ingredient – pure passion. Working with developers, social enterprises, and government departments, PMA provides uniquely tailored solutions to projects of every shape and size. Across Hong Kong, China, and South-East Asia, the firm has built a reputation for its urban renewal projects. Aiming to sensitively rejuvenate urban spaces, PMA creates sophisticated and vibrant spaces to benefit everyone concerned. Committed to change for the better, PMA creates design solutions where everyone wins. One recent example of this was PMA’s design for Shenzhen Bao’An Shajing. This complex project impacted a multitude of stakeholder groups and communities. Discussions between developers and communities had broken down on two occasions before PMA came on board to collaborate with residents. The team were instrumental in identifying a way forward that would not only meet the planning requirements of the developers but would also protect ancient ruins, and cultural towns, and safeguard important environmental factors such as marine culture. Y Apr22274 We ask Executive Director, Nevin Yu, how PMA differs from its competitors. He says, “Our unique design solutions set us apart. Each project is tailor-made in the most efficient manner. The market is changing in this part of the world. Clients’ expectations of design are becoming higher and higher. We’re quick to embrace change and keep pace with the new environment.” The forward-thinking design team at PMA has its outlook set on the future. The culture is one of collaboration and creativity. Nevin explains, “We’re results driven and always strive for new creative ideas. The designers at PMA are a real team. We’ve built strong relationships with each other, as well as with our clients and partners in the industry. We all work together to get the best results.” Although urban renewal is in high demand and there are many project opportunities, the market is competitive. Nevin and the team are often expected to work to tight timescales. He tells us, “It’s never easy to meet all the client’s requirements within the very tight project schedules. It requires the team to be highly focused and collaborate seamlessly. The past three years have been a huge challenge for a lot of companies in the design industry. PMA is no different. The world hasn’t been the same since COVID-19. It’s been difficult to win new projects due to travel restrictions. We recorded a 30% decrease in revenue for 2021 compared with 2020.” But the team as a whole remains optimistic. “There will always be ups and downs. We’re lucky to have encountered this early on. We’ve been able to manage the impact,” Nevin enthuses. Looking to the future, PMA will be striving to stay ahead of the curve. The company has recently won some important architecture and urban design bids. PMA is also starting to receive enquiries from Hong Kong and South East Asia again. PMA also plans to expand its landscape architecture and interior design services to other parts of the region. Contact: Nevin Yu Company: Place Making Architects (PMA) International Limited Web Address: https://www.placemaking-architects.com/