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Q3 2022 Best Luxury Sustainable Property Developer - Victoria Chiodo Corporation

BUILD Q3 2022 2 Welcome to the Q3 issue of BUILD Magazine. As always, we endeavour to be your source for all the latest news and features from across the global construction and property industries. We welcome you back for this issue to present you with outstanding services alongside breath-taking, bold, and beautiful designs. The forces of natural and man-made objects come into a deep yet dichotomous relationship in projects throughout this issue. This harmonious marriage between colours, textures, and materials inspires every one of these architects, contractors, and developers – and in doing so, it motivates us to embrace the unique yet essential designs that help our dreams to come to life. Now that we are seeing the pandemic ease off even more, we see these strong businesses standing tall – as they have done, for years, amongst the rubble of these extremely difficult and trying times. Not only are we here to shine a light upon each business making a difference to the design and building sphere, but we are here to encourage, motivate, and stimulate ideas of your own. After all, design is about true expression and the daring nature to reach within and make your wishes come true. Here at BUILD, we wish you every success for this quarter and we are excited to see you again for the final quarter of such a progressive year for businesses everywhere. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.build-review.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Q3 2022 BUILD 3 4. News 6. BlueSky Riviera: Most Anticipated Luxury Residential Development - Costa del Sol 7. Newman Homes: Best Custom Home Builder Contractor – Maine 8. Chiodo Corporation: Best Luxury Sustainable Property Developer - Victoria 10. Lok-N-Blok: Building A Sustainable Future 12. Collins Interiors, LLC: Design For Luxurious Lifestyles 13. Re-flow Field Management: Field Management Software That Puts You Back In Control 14. AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD: Most Trusted Landscaping & Groundwork Business - South West England 15. GAF Energy: The Future of Roofing Has Arrived 16. Modern Gem Design: Leading Experts in Multi- Family Interior Design & Renovations - USA 18. Lofthouse Residences Ltd: Most Innovative Luxury Large Scale Private Home Builder - UK 19. Kelson Homes Ltd: Most Trusted Sustainable Home Builders - South East England 20. DW Windsor: Best Exterior Lighting Manufacturer of the Year - East of England 21. Rigby & Rigby: From Buildings to Boats – Beguiling Designers R&R 22. RAUMKUNST ZT GmbH: Best Sports Facility Planning & Design Specialists 2022 - Austria 23. London Plastercraft Ltd: Best Ornamental Plastering Specialist 2022 - UK 24. Rex Hawkesworth: Best Architecture Author 2022 (UK): Rex Hawkesworth 25. My Local Tool Box: Best Tradespeople Search Platform – London 26. Yanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers: Best Architecture & Consulting Engineering Firm in Athens 27. Place Making Architects: Urban Architecture with a Passion 28. NMD Nomadas: Best Urban Architecture & Design Firm - USA 29. DGNB German Sustainable Building Council: Most Innovative Building & Construction Business - Western Europe 30. Prestige Architects: Best Global Boutique Architectural Practice 2022 31. DSA Architects International: Most Innovative Architectural Design Practice - UAE 32. Powell Design & Construction Ltd: Best Spousal-Owned Construction Company – West Midlands 33. Robinette Architects Inc: Best Boutique Residential Architecture Firm - Southwest USA 34. Build-Zone: Services That Warrant Praise 35. LAM Architects: Best High-End Residential Architects Practice – Middle East 36. Northern Property Partners Group: Property Investment Made Easy 37. Winners’ Listings Contents

BUILD Q3 2022 4 News • A quarter (25%) say customers are becoming more interested in eco-friendly practices • Only 20% of electricians know how to make their work more sustainable • Expert shares advice for tradespeople looking to reduce their environmental impact ustainability is a growing concern for customers when hiring tradespeople, but four in five (80%) UK electricians are unaware how to make their work more eco-friendly. A new study by ElectricalDirect, the specialist retailer of electrical products, found that a quarter (25%) of clients are now more eco-conscious than they used to be, and over the last year, more than a fifth (22%) of electricians have been directly asked about their environmental impact. However, the vast majority of workers are not sure how to become more sustainable and more than four in five (82%) say they don’t feel confident discussing the topic with customers. This lack of awareness could explain why so few electricians actively try to reduce their impact on the planet. Fewer than one in five (18%) say they consciously try to work sustainably. For some, finances are a major factor. One in six (17%) say they can’t afford to become more eco-friendly due to the extra costs involved. Nevertheless, with many customers now favouring tradespeople with green credentials, electricians could potentially start to miss out on work if they don’t make changes. Almost two in five (37%) Brits try to only use companies who are socially and environmentally responsible, so there’s a strong business case for sustainability, on top of the wider benefits. Four in Five UK Electricians Don’t Feel Confident Discussing Sustainability S The UK regions where trade customers are growing more interested in sustainability is pictured above: To help tradespeople who are looking to become more environmentally friendly, ElectricalDirect has partnered with William Hobbs, sustainability and recycling expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk, to provide some expert tips. 1. Source local parts To reduce your carbon footprint, look for parts and materials produced and sold closer to home. 2. Wherever possible, recycle Instead of throwing waste away, consider how to reuse or repurpose it. If it cannot be reused, recycle as much as possible so it doesn’t end up in landfill.

5 Q3 2022 BUILD Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect, said: “During the first few months of the pandemic, the job security of construction workers was thrown into serious doubt, and sadly tens of thousands of employees lost their jobs. However, the latest ONS data shows that the situation has really turned around. “At its peak in summer 2020, almost 30,000 workers were made redundant over a three-month period (July-September). “In contrast, the data released this month shows that just 3,000 people in the industry lost their jobs between March and May. While this is obviously still 3,000 too many, it shows a significant improvement. “In fact, 3,000 is the lowest that this figure has ever been, since records began thirteen years ago in 2009. “Elsewhere, average wages are on the rise, which, in the context of a major cost of living crisis, will be a welcome relief to many, albeit slight. Typical weekly earnings rose by £20 to £714, which is the second highest average ever recorded. “It’s really good news that redundancies are on the decline, and pay is increasing, but this pattern will have to continue in the coming months in order to offset the financial hardship that the country is currently experiencing.” UK Construction Redundancies Fall to Lowest Figure Since Records Began 3. Reduce plastic and chemical use Making simple but practical swaps on small items you use daily can reduce your overall environmental impact without costing too much. Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at ElectricalDirect, said: “Sustainability has been a hot topic for a number of years, and that’s certainly not going to change anytime soon, so it’s no surprise that customers are now considering the environmental impact of any work they have done in their homes. “In order to meet these changing requirements, electricians should review their materials, equipment and methods to see how they can become a bit greener, as doing so can benefit both their business and the planet.”

6 BUILD Q3 2022 Feb22606 As the winners of both the above award for the Costa del Sol region, and the ‘BUILD Design Innovation Award’ for 2022, BlueSky Riviera has made a name for itself with its consistent, beautiful, and practical home designs. These homes, villas that its clients commission as a primary dwelling or holiday house, will always reflect the latest and greatest of architectural techniques and sensibilities, whilst not forgetting the roots of traditional architecture, resulting in something modern yet timeless. BlueSky Riviera villa, whether it’s a holiday home or a permanent residence, is a build that will form a beating heart of a person’s life. Fundamentally, this company seeks to design and build the most beautiful, practically perfect villas for its clients, spaces that fit themselves seamlessly around the busy lives that the people who live within it lead. After all, a home should be a place that allows someone access to everything they need to be comfortable and safe; and in this post-pandemic age, a home also needs to be a working venue of all other elements of life too, from professional work to socialising and leisure time. For BlueSky Riviera, architecture and design is not about just constructing a living space, but it is about creating an atmosphere that perfectly mirrors the client in every way. Each line guides the eye with a subtle kind of elegance, and an incredible level of engineering that allows for an effortless effect within the home proper, allowing the customer to feel supported by the design at every turn. Thus, its focus is on the atmosphere of the build and the practical implications of certain choices. A This has allowed it to successfully build safe, ‘cocooning dwelling places’ time and again for a growing number of clients that come to it through client reviews and word-of-mouth referral. After all, in a field such as bespoke home design, the talk amongst the industry – both peers and customers alike – is what gets one noticed, and BlueSky Riviera has generated buzz for itself simply by going about its work with the usual excellence, empathy, and efficiency, combining luxury architecture with sensible solutions that support everyday living. In short, BlueSky Riviera creates ‘a framework for great moments’, believing that the home is the structure around which all other aspects of life are arranged. Combining its philosophy of listening intently to a client’s wishes and needs with the unique artistry its team display in every design, its aesthetic synergy considers light and shade, material, texture, paint, and more, weaving together a symphony of different materials and techniques in order to develop an outstanding product. Consequentially, it will never be fully satisfied until a client tells it that they are. ‘You have arrived when you don’t want to leave,’ it tells us, and it looks forward to designing many more homes that give a homeowner that sense of pride as it moves forward towards the future. Company: BlueSky Riviera Contact: Iain McDonald Website: blueskyriviera.com Most Anticipated Luxury Residential Development - Costa del Sol

7 Q3 2022 BUILD Mar22070 Best Custom Home Builder Contractor – Maine Newman Homes is a top-quality professional contractor that specialises in new builds and renovations. Designing and building everything to perfection, Newman Homes ensures a result finer than any other with its team of seasoned experts. Here we learn more about what Newman Homes does as it constructs homes that warm hearts all over Maine. ased in Winslow in Maine, and serving much of the area, Newman Homes prides itself on being a general contractor that provides professional quality craftsmanship across everything it creates. Building and renovating homes and buildings is Newman Homes’ passion and its team works hard to ensure every build and renovation is on target to be the most complete and flawless it can be. Focusing more on new builds, Newman Homes works with a plethora of individuals that are all looking for something that will truly fit all of their needs. Through its advertising and word-ofmouth referrals, Newman Homes has collected a large client base over the years and show no sign of slowing down. Using its wisdom and experience to transform every space, as well as find the perfect location for each home, Newman Homes has the ability to develop clients’ plans based upon their needs, desires, and wishes. From locations to floorplans and overall design, Newman Homes produces the best of the best. Incredibly, all of this is done with a fair price in mind – and Newman Homes promises to deliver every time. This relationship forging between Newman Homes and its clients comes so easy with all of its experience. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Newman Homes achieves high and mighty goals such as the creation of forever B homes and renovations that truly reflect the personality and evolution of each client. By listening to what the client wants, Newman Homes puts their needs first; able to conduct every request to a top-tier level, Newman Homes elevates its clients and their dream homes. Not only does Newman Homes work with clients on a personal level – developing their plans perfectly and executing them with style and precision – but it also offers its pre-designed blueprints to clients who want to go for something a little more uniform. However, all of its plans can be adapted for something original, personal, and inventive. There are no bounds and the world is your oyster as you work with Newman Homes. Working on its new show room, Newman Homes is branching out for the future. It is developing new ways to showcase its seamless work and it is doing so with all of its current and potential future clients in mind. With all of its fine efforts and successes that come as no surprise, BUILD is proud to present Newman Homes with the accolade of Best Custom Home Builder & Remodelling Contractor – Maine. We look forward to seeing where it goes next as it continues on its path of success. Contact: Brandon Roberge Company: Newman Homes Web Address: http://newmanhomesme.com/

BUILD Q3 2022 8 Best Luxury Sustainable Property Developer - Victoria Proud, sustainable, and working to the most impeccable of standards, Chiodo Corporation is a property developer that seeks to do the best work for its clients whilst treading lightly when it comes to the environment. Nominally, its efforts have become synonymous with properties that seem to rise from the earth as though they grew from it, each space having a natural sense of synergy to it that is only emboldened by the deep respect for sustainability that runs through this business from top to bottom.

9 Q3 2022 BUILD Mar22301 elivering the highest quality of luxury, design, sustainability, culture, and technology, Chiodo Corporation has made itself a linchpin of the property design and development industry in its region. Fundamentally, this business embraces a bold new frontier with its designs, pushing the envelope when it comes to what is possible in order to develop something new and innovative. Its embrace of the modern, contemporary, and forward-thinking allows it to incorporate unique environmental, cultural, and social elements into its work, allowing for the development of unique designs that perfectly fit Victoria – and Australia in the wider sense – as a context. With property development changing daily, Chiodo Corporation is one of the companies striving to ensure that increased environmental sustainability is one such change. Thus, it has been leading from the front in its industry, taking bold strides towards betterment and utilising the knowledge it has gleaned for the benefit of its clients, its partners, and the international property development market. In recognition of this shifting paradigm and the adaptability it has incorporated into itself as a result, Chiodo Corporation has been able to pride itself on its flexibility, as well as its ability to look ahead towards the future of design and figure out the best trajectory that will get it and its clients there. Inspired by the conscious living movement, it designs spaces that – like itself – are adaptable and sustainable, integrating its work with the surrounding landscape. Therefore, a Chiodo Corporation is always recognisable by the way it seems to fit perfectly with its surroundings whilst still being a unique and outstanding development that will catch the eye of the viewer and ensnare the imagination. Technologically advanced, supportive of local communities, and deeply conscientious, Chiodo Corporation envisions a new way forward for the creation of housing, one that prioritises the health and wellbeing of the landscape around the property as well as the people who live within it. Critically, integrating itself with surrounding nature creates a feeling of synergy that the local communities it works with can appreciate. Moreover, its dedication to creating a space that is just as long-lasting and memorable as the community it serves is an admirable trait that each of its clients benefit from. Additionally, its respect for the earth’s resources and the socially consciousness way it interacts with the world around it has endeared it to an increasingly ecologically aware market, and it uses this as a jumping off point to progress further in educating peers and clients both about the role of property developers in conservation and environmental protection. Its most recent project, the Port Douglas Luxury Hotel, will be another example of this excellence at work, being a luxury hotel like no other. Infusing the elemental with the cultural, it promises to be yet another incredible addition to its expansive portfolio, a body of work that includes commercial properties, hotels, and residences, each of which carry their own unique prestige. Thus, it has become known amongst its market and its peers both as a company that can maintain a distinctive style whilst keeping the vision of the client as the key driving force behind the build. This part of its craft is something it has funnelled significant effort into developing further throughout the years, resulting in a business that takes pride in the original communication between itself and the client as well as the build proper, taking D them through a process that gives them nothing but respect from start to finish. In the original conversation, its experts seek to draw out the clients wants and wishes, establishing a friendly and empathic line of dialogue that will turn the property into a true passion project for both Chiodo Corporation’s professionals and the client themselves. It then takes a client through the sustainable building processes and working methods that it implements throughout its projects. In the name of transparency, it seeks to keep a client informed every step of the way, keeping them informed of the design choices it is making both in the name of sustainability and in the pursuit of turning their dreams into reality. After all, for Chiodo Corporation, the achievement of one will aid in the achievement of the other. For all this and its incredible ability to create diverse, reliable, and steadfast properties that a client can be proud of for years to come, its clients often come back to it time and time again, making it their go-to answer to property development. Consequentially, it has developed and upheld a reputation for being able to rise to the challenge of any sized development, and looks forward to seeing what projects its clients will bring to it as it moves forward towards the future. Company: Chiodo Corporation Contact: Paul Chiodo Website: https://chiodocorp.com.au/

BUILD Q3 2022 10 Apr22042 lastiblok – the company behind Lok-N-Blok – is a design and manufacture company based out of Paducah in Kentucky. Nominally, the place of its birth as a company has played a huge role in bolstering the inspirational ingenuity that runs through its very core, with the professionals within its ranks consistently pushing the limits of what is possible in construction. This has allowed it to funnel significant effort into design, ideation, and testing, resulting in a company that creates heavily tested and highly effective products that make life easier for its professional clients, ensuring that they themselves achieve the best results for their end customers. In this manner, it has designed ‘a better way to build’. Foremost, its idea for its flagship product came about when the minds behind it considered how a child’s building block works. Contemplating the simple design, the emphasis on each piece being part of a bigger whole, and the inherently modular nature of it, Plastiblok decided to see how it could expand this concept in order to apply it to building and construction. Thus, the Lok-N-Blok was born, a basic building block product that has become known as a truly game changing product for the worldwide construction industry and the professionals that seek to improve the field. Employing a simple, interlocking internal system, and making use of ENVION composite material, the Lok-N-Blok allows for superior structural strength whilst still being sustainable. With Building A Sustainable Future Since its inception as a company, Plastiblok has been looking for new ways to improve building and construction as an industry. Thus, when it came up with the idea for Lok-N-Blok, it found a bold new way to do this, all based on the idea of simple solutions that can handle incredibly complex problems, earning it an award for being a ‘Leader in Sustainable Residential Construction’ in 2022 for Paducah, Kentucky. Indeed, its region has vastly benefitted from the innovations it has brought to bear, with all manner of construction companies taking advantage of the way its products simplify the workload of wall building, improving insulation in the process. P

Q3 2022 BUILD 11 each of these factors in mind, Plastiblok is proud to say that the Lok-N-Blok has become an exemplary flagship product, one that is slowly changing how construction professionals see the materials they work. Critically, the problem solvers, freethinkers, and innovators behind Plastiblok are proud to say that many clients have been shown the benefits of Lok-N-Blok firsthand since its inception, and that many such clients have been a big part of its growth by leaving it glowing reviews or going on to recommend Plastiblok’s products to fellow peers. This group of clientele – past and present – is hugely diverse due to the variety of benefits to using Lok-N-Blok. Fundamentally, the use of this alternative building tool costs far less than the use of traditional materials; it is also speedier, stronger, and safer, with no need to hire expensive specialist labour required for installation. Moreover, its exterior loadbearing Lok-N-Blok utilizes over 45% recycled materials, including plastic and glass, while its interior wall Lok-N-Blok utilizes over 60% recycled plastic and glass. Saving hundreds of thousands of trees and reducing carbon emissions by thousands of tonnes, it hopes to become the number one largest user of recycled polypropylene in the world – and is proud to be contributing to environmental preservation in this manner – something it hopes many more professionals in its field will join in on soon. With a tapered dovetail design that has been produced to allow each Lok-N-Blok to work together in perfect synergy, each Blok stacks perfectly. Indeed, much like the children’s toy blocks they were based on, they have been specifically designed to be as easy as possible to put together for the construction worker, a cornerstone desire for the project in the macro scale, as construction work is such a physically and mentally demanding profession. Being the new kid on the ‘Blok’, of course, means that the industry it is approaching must have an opening or at least a receptiveness in the market for a bold new product. For some, this has indeed been the hang-up when it comes to Plastiblok. Lok-N-Blok is, indeed, a disruptive new product, but does the market need – or indeed want – disrupting? Plastiblok and studies by professionals such as the Farnsworth Group in 2019 show that, indeed, it does, with 76% of builders being keen and interested to try products with advanced and new features. Furthermore, in 2020, HSB Magazine asked its readers a similar question, focusing on how likely it may or may not be for steel framing to emerge as a leading alternative to wood framing in construction; in this case, only 39% steadfastly said it would not happen. This pertinently shows the need for an old industry to be taught some new tricks, and Plastiblok is certainly one of the best companies to do that, excited to be taking the age-old, prestigious construction industry into the modern epoch with a new, innovative, and vastly more sustainable product. Having found its beginnings in 1996, it has certainly come a long way since the founders considering the best way to build backyard walls. Indeed, it is the zeal with which co-founders Greg Siener and Mike Zumer dedicated themselves to consulting professionals, developing the concept for their mortar-less interlocking building block system, and testing new composite materials that allowed the Lok-N-Blok to become what it is today. With a proactive approach that combines acclaimed engineering, architecture, material science, and more, Plastiblok subjected the initial prototypes to rigorous testing. Requiring each new development to pass International Building Code Requirements, and requiring each product to fit with the specifications demanded by the International Code Council, the Lok-N-Blok and its pioneering way technology has helped the company behind it to become an industry leader. Indeed, from this position at the head of the pack, Plastiblok has been able to take a proactive approach to encouraging the growth of its industry, and is honoured to be one of the entities shaping its future. Company: Lok-N-Blok Contact: Gregory Siener Website: lok-n-blok.com

12 BUILD Q3 2022 Mar22380 Best Residential Interior Design Company - Southwest Florida & Best Bay Front Family-Friendly Residence (Florida): Bay Home Led by one of Sarasota Florida’s most influential and entrepreneurial women in interior design, Collins Interiors is well-established as a design agency of excellence. This year, as it adds two more awards to its already vast roster of accolades, Collins Interiors is gearing up for another busy and successful year. We take a closer look at the multi- award-winning design firm that is synonymous with lifestyles of luxury. ollins Interiors is Sarasota, Florida’s leading provider of high end residential interior design services, known across the US for exceptional customer service and skill in creating luxury spaces that are distinct in their practical elegance, beauty, comfort and sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Central to the Collins Interiors philosophy is a devout attention to and respect of the client’s needs, demands and vision – this is the foundation of any Collins Interiors project. Barbara Vanderkolk Gardner, Founder and President of Collins Interiors, is highly trained in interior design, having studied in Michigan, Seattle, and France, she has established herself as an adept utilizer of color, texture, proportion and accessories in her work. However, her intuitive eye for interiors has undoubtedly been inherited from the generations of designers that preceded her and has been instrumental in separating her from the other highly talented individuals in her industry. Accredited by the Interior Design Society (IDS), International Furnishings Design Association (IFDA) and other notable bodies of the industry, Barbara is widely regarded as a leader in interior design, and consequently makes regular features in magazines such as Scene, Sarasota, Dwell and Architectural Digest. As a former management consultant and healthcare executive, Barbara has earned further acclaim, not least in being named a ‘Woman of Influence’ in Sarasota Scene Magazine in 2018. Collins Interiors was also recently recognized among the ‘Top Ten Interior Design Firms’ in New York Spaces Magazine. However, it is Barbara’s uniquely meticulous approach to creating houses that align perfectly with the personal preferences of its clients that truly sets the firm apart from its competition. Clients are given a ten-page questionnaire from which Barbara can obtain as much information as she can about her clients, their requirements and their visions for their homes. From their household pets to allergies, their tidiness habits to their budgets, the number of residents and family members to their tastes, Barbara gleans even the smallest details about the lifestyles of her clients, in order to create homes that are unequivocally theirs. C The client-centric approach employed by Collins Interiors means that the entire process of design and creation is not only productive, but it is also immensely enjoyable for both Barbara and her clients. The firm is therefore just as synonymous with outstanding customer service as it is with luxury design, and this has not changed even in the pandemic. Although shipping and delivery have at times been disrupted owing to restrictions and travel bans, Barbara continues to go above and beyond to ensure her projects keep moving and her clients can still bring their dream homes to life. Contact: Barbara Vanderkolk Gardner Company: Collins Interiors, LLC Web Address: www.CollinsInteriorDesign.com Design For Luxurious Lifestyles

13 Q3 2022 BUILD Field Management Software That Puts You Back In Control Re-flow provides award-winning field management software that puts field managers in control and their team to work. Trusted by over 180 firms across rail, highways, construction, civil engineering, and landscaping, Re-flow helps businesses escape the whirlwind of work that comes with traditional, manual processes. The software enables an instant, reliable connection between remote work sites and the back office through a user-friendly dashboard and app. Recognised as the Most Outstanding Field Management Software Platform within the Construction Industry, 2022, we take a closer look at the benefits this platform brings to businesses across the country. t its core, Re-flow sets out to make field management manageable – combatting siloed systems, manual processes and paperwork to pave the way for a more efficient, sustainable industry. The platform’s powerful set of features brings all crucial operational processes under one digital umbrella. This includes creating job packs, scheduling events and tasks, asset management, team communication, user tracking, enforcing compliance with customisable digital forms, collating real-time data into exportable reports, automating workflows, quoting, billing, invoicing, and much more. Taking full advantage of these features has enabled its clients to achieve incredible gains across all areas of their businesses, increasing profitability, mastering HSE compliance, and enabling more sustainable business growth. Based on aggregate data, Re-flow’s clients see an average 70% increase in cross-team communication, 60% increase in audibility, 50% increase in HSE reporting and 70% increase in time saved. When prospective clients approach Re-flow, they’re often operating on traditional paper systems, a mismatched mixture of legacy software, or another field management solution that simply isn’t a good fit. Re-flow Managing Director, Michael Saunders states, “We understand better than anyone how daunting it is to completely transform one’s business; that’s why it’s crucial for us to establish an ongoing collaboration with our clients, rather than simply selling them a product and leaving them out to dry.” Re-flow’s highly acclaimed team of sales professionals and software specialists build a personal partnership with every single client they work with, starting from a live demo, throughout their trial, onboarding, and onwards. Michael says, “We take advantage of years of collective experience A May22284 and expertise to identify specific areas where our software can best benefit a business, and how we can implement it without bringing it to a grinding halt. Unlike most off-theshelf field management software, Re-flow provides a degree of customisability to better fit the processes of our clients’ businesses, and our support team is always on-hand to efficiently resolve issues and respond to queries.” Client relationships are instrumental to how the business operates, and the company does it’s best to foster ongoing collaborations with all its users. Michael shares, “We often hear customers sing the praises of our support team, who do incredible work in taking on board the valuable feedback and insights of the professionals we work with. This feedback is the driving force behind our software’s development, so having a team that is willing to listen, and skilfully extract insights from what our clients are saying is crucial. Re-flow simply wouldn’t be the same without it, as a company or as a product.” Over the past year, Re-flow has experienced incredible growth, which has enabled it to become the leading provider of field management software for the highways industry. Onboarding more clients and bringing out even more features has given the business great momentum, which it’s capitalising on by continuously expanding their team in the months to come. Re-flow hopes this can enable them to further establish themselves in construction and civil engineering, where it already serves heavyweights such as M.V. Kelly and BMI. The aim is to bring the powerful benefits of their field management software to more businesses, in more industries than ever before. Company: Re-flow Field Management Contact: Daniel Moyse Phone: 01392 574002 Email: [email protected] Website: www.re-flow.co.uk

14 BUILD Q3 2022 Apr22413 Most Trusted Landscaping & Groundwork Business - South West England Its strong digital presence and passion for client-centricity has pushed AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD lightyears ahead of its competition. The company, which provides an exceptional range of bespoke services, prides itself on such elements and has leveraged them to accelerate its growth over the years. As such, AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD plans to continue utilising these traits to bolster its future success, ultimately allowing the business to acquire a greater range of projects. well-manicured garden is a source of pride and relaxation. However, in today’s busy world, it be hard to create and maintain a stylish garden. There are a variety of ways to combat this issue, including hiring a landscaping company to take care of things for you. Indeed, AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD is one such business. Owned and run by the brotherly team, Andy and James Vigar, the company came to be in 2012 and is supported by over 60 years of combined experience in all aspects of landscaping and ground maintenance. AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD has evolved extensively over the past decade, and over the last 5 years alone, the company has transformed into a business with 12 employees. Operating across the Dorset and Hampshire region, AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD specialises in medium to large scale landscape and construction projects for domestic and commercial clients. Within this sector, the company offers services such as landscaping, bespoke garden building creation, and custom woodworks. Moreover, the woodworking branch, AJF Custom Wood Design, carries the New Forest Marque for its devotion to sustainability. Behind these services is a small team of professionals. This is, in part, the company’s unique selling point, as it enjoys impressive teamwork both inside and outside of its office. Furthermore, each member of the team possesses their own range of vital skills, and as a result, AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD ensures that every team member has something that they can bring to the table. There is a shared understanding of the company’s core values - punctual, personal, and professional, family values, and high standards – and they bring these values to each project. Consequently, the company has numerous positive reviews across social media and trading platforms, upon which it boasts a strong presence. For example, on CheckATrade, AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD maintains a rating of 9.6/10. A One customer comments, ‘Efficient, quality workmanship, very professional. Clean and tidy and minimised disruption for my neighbours in the block of flats. Visitors impressed with workmanship. Well worth paying the money for the quality and efficiency of work done. Happy to recommend.’ The best place to find details about AJ’s Landscapes & Groundwork LTD’s projects? Facebook. The company regularly updates its social media pages in order to keep customers engaged with updates and news. As such, its exciting future projects will be displayed on these pages. Going forward, the company is enthusiastic about acquiring and fulfilling such works, and vows to continue providing its services for years to come. Contact: James Vigar Company: AJ’s Landscapes & Groundworks LTD Web Address: www.ajslandscaping.co.uk

15 Q3 2022 BUILD attached electronics add .76 inches. Both dimensions defy industry standards and ensure that the product looks great on roofs. Embedding the solar shingles alongside regular asphalt shingles also means homeowners get more colour customisation with the surrounding roof, contrary to edge-to-edge solar tile offerings. Timberline Solar™ is the best solar option for curb appeal. GAF Energy believes the best time to go solar is when you’re getting a new roof. By combining two home improvement projects into one, Timberline Solar™ is the most convenient solar roofing option for homeowners. Further, it serves as the first choice for roofers as the installation process mirrors that of regular roofing, with only a nail gun required. The size of each shingle’s reveal is slightly wider than average, which means roofing contractors can install the solar portion in less time than usual. Indeed, the energy shingles can be installed in as little as one day. All of this factors into an affordable price for homeowners. On top of that, since you’re generating energy for your home and saving money on electricity bills, your roof can eventually pay for itself. Overall, Timberline Solar™ is designed to be affordable, with a cost comparable to the price of a new roof plus traditional rack-mounted solar. With this kind of protection, attractiveness, easy installation, and affordability, it is clear that Timberline Solar™ is a superior solar roofing system. Timberline Solar™ is currently available through select roofing contractors in regions throughout the U.S., and availability is quickly increasing throughout the nation. GAF Energy’s vision is energy from every roof, after all — and this includes the roof of your dream home. To learn more about Timberline Solar™ visit www.gaf.energy. Contact: Eileen Comerford Company: GAF Energy Web Address: https://www.gaf.energy/ Apr22709 The Future of Roofing Has Arrived The traditional methods of implementing solar roofing are costly, time consuming, and result in an unattractive roof. GAF Energy is on a mission to change this. Join us as we explore the Most Outstanding Designer of Roof-Integrated Energy Efficient Technology, 2022 and its latest product, the Timberline Solar™ roof system. hen designing your dream home, every detail is carefully thought through, from the foundation to the rooftop. If you are interested in saving money on your power bills while saving the planet all at once, you may have thought about going solar. Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy, a Standard Industries company, is the only roof system to directly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials, making it the clear choice for designers, builders, and homeowners considering solar roofing. There are three core reasons why Timberline Solar™ should be on the roof of every dream home. Quite simply, it protects like a roof. Timberline Solar™ was designed to be a roof with a twist. It has power added. GAF Energy is a sister company to GAF, North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. This relationship allowed GAF Energy to bring roofing contractors into the product design process, ensuring Timberline Solar™ has all the properties of a durable, high-quality roof while generating clean energy for the duration of its 25-year power output warranty. Timberline Solar™ is weatherproof, it is rated for wind, fire, and impact resistance, and it’s the first product to achieve UL’s 7103 certification, which authorises installation on residential roofs as a roofing product and a solar energy product —the first of its kind to be recognised as both. Unlike many solar panels and solar tiles currently on the market, Timberline Solar™ has a sleek and aesthetically superior design. The Timberline Solar™ roofing system incorporates the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle (ES). The ES is coplanar, meaning it is installed directly on the roofing deck, alongside regular asphalt shingles, as opposed to being bolted on top of them. The solar laminate portion of the energy shingle boasts a depth of less than a quarter inch, and W

16 BUILD Q3 2022 May22061 Leading Experts in MultiFamily Interior Design & Renovations - USA While currently undergoing rebranding, Modern Gem Design, (MGD) is on the brink of enjoying renewed pre-eminence in its market segment with a refreshed website and new boost to its popularity within its customer base. Based out of Texas, Modern Gem Design shows its dedication to its clients with projects involving redesigning and renovating multifamily properties, multifamily new development projects and luxury vacation homes. nationwide design service firm that boasts specialties in multifamily properties, Modern Gem Design has built a reputation for its unique levels of expertise in renovation services and the creation of true harmony in living spaces. Critically, Modern Gem Design works by way of distinctive design and creativity, using the expertise of its staff and collaborators, the visions of its clients, and its own determination to transform properties of various asset types in the market. MGD’s goal is to improve the functionality of the living spaces while modernizing the aesthetics in a way that will position the property as being a key competitor in the submarket. Its focused approach involves increasing asset values of properties for their clients, real estate owners and investors –and MGD takes pride in keeping a close eye on what’s happening in the market in order to make this possible. Moreover, with its incredible service of its real estate investor and owner clientele, MGD has been able to carve out a name for itself in the multifamily housing industry. Modern Gem Design is synonymous with quality and MGD’s clients and partners have all lauded its work as exemplary at every turn. With an all-encompassing suite of services available to its clients, MGD has made itself a foremost partner for the property’s ongoing success. Essentially, MGD makes use of exterior paint scheme selection and placement, as well as interior unit renovation design and specification, model unit and clubhouse renovation, main amenity area renovation, space planning for interiors and exteriors, as well as full property repositioning. Each of these A services is carried out with the utmost excellence at every juncture as Modern Gem Design clients expect only the best. With MGD’s client base consisting of real estate investors, owners and executive level property management professionals, MDG works with people who’ve largely had experience with many of its peers and is outstanding when it comes to showing such clients that a better way of doing things is available to them. MGD goals remains consistent since its founding, ones of dedication to client satisfaction, and a commitment to creative and people-focused spaces for functional, cutting edge and harmonious communities. With two of its most recent projects – Carina & Astra in San Antonio, TX – MGD has been able to put all this into action. The

17 Q3 2022 BUILD project, involves the full repositioning of two sister properties. For both sites, the scope includes exterior paint selection, placement, signage, rebranding, construction furnishing of the pool area with gazebos, leasing offices, clubhouses, fitness centers, business centers, laundry rooms, a shared dog park, and sports court. The exterior design changes for the entrances involved shortening the length of the exterior walkway at the entrance to the property, altering the roof by changing the length of the walkway, as well as the pitch of the roofline and adding corrugated metal to make it more modern while still fitting in with existing architectural elements. MGD also replaced exterior lighting, the flooring tile for the entrance walkwayand added planters. This combined with other landscaping elements help in guiding the properties clients and visitors around the space with ease and direction. These major construction elements have given Modern Gem Design a true chance to shine in its service of the clients’ demands. With a much improved curb appeal on the property and an increased ability to draw in interest through its renovated leasing office. On the interior of the leasing offices and clubrooms, it got rid of the vertical panelled walls that were not adding to the aesthetic or practicality of the building, expanded rooms, moved walls, replaced entry doors, reconfigured the layout of clubrooms and kitchen areas, and altered the position of a fireplace and seating areas. In addition, its eclectic blend of mixed materials, with regards to finishes, including emerald green subway tile, interesting large scale art, custom neon signs with fun slogans, attractive wallpaper and a double-sided fireplace ensure that the amenities were well turned out with personality and a vibe that is fully operational for the residents to be able to take advantage of. With an extensive list of high-quality furniture, décor and lighting sources, Modern Gem Design works hard to have a quick turnaround time on its installations and this is reflective in MGD’s reputation for the utmost reliability and quality. Flexible, out-of-thebox, and creative thinking is key in the project delivery approach and is one in which each client is recognized for the unique set of circumstances and demands that they are, allowing it to respond to such individual variables with a well-trained eye and respect for individual differences. Moreover, MGD’s non-cookie cutter approach to each project and recognizing the uniqueness of the individual asset ensures their clients that collaborating with MGD they can expect the utmost tailor-made design for their property. Modern Gem Design’s founder built her career in the multifamily industry by working for an owner / investor firm with a nationwide footprint. MGD’s lead designer comes from a background that focused on high-end luxury single family and vacation residences both in the US and internationally. Combined, this diverse knowledge base makes for an enviably indepth pool of expertise held within the ranks of the company. With a solid understanding of financial elements and how to add value, MGD has assessed the demographics of the market, and tailors the needs of the clients. This ensures there is an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that its market segment face and has built processes and services to help their clients rise to meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry head on. Nationwide in nature and based in Texas, Modern Gem’s staff understands the trend of working from home and how this impacts and influences the design of both work and home spaces, as well as a continued resurgence for impactful and enjoyable outdoor spaces. Modern Gem Design looks forward to growing their client base as MGD continues to serve customers present and future. Company: Modern Gem Design Contact: Megan McDowell Website: moderngemdesign.com

18 BUILD Q3 2022 Jun22028 Luxury, sustainability and innovation combine seamlessly at Lofthouse Residences. The immensely successful property development business has set out to disrupt the industry, and with it, it has brought an abundance of innovation. As such, the company builds the extraordinary every day. iving in luxury is everyone’s dream – so why not make yours come true? An opulent, comfortable, and practical home doesn’t have to exist only in your imagination. There are numerous ways to bring this fantasy into reality; however, one option is to enlist in the services of a private property developer. Indeed, when working with one of these businesses, it is important that they are trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, an excellent option for such services would be Lofthouse Residences Ltd. The company is on a mission to transform the property development experience, bringing forth creativity, luxury, and build quality. Understanding how to strike the balance between customer service and exceptional building is what Lofthouse Residences does best. Moreover, Lofthouse Residences prides itself on its devotion to innovation. It endeavours to operate in a sustainable manner, L as it wholeheartedly believes that the perfect property should neither cost the earth nor harm the earth. It is with this firmly in mind that Lofthouse Residences utilises building materials and technologies that support greater sustainability, low carbon building techniques, and energy efficient systems. Within the field of sustainability, the company’s final goal – which it believes that all property developers should hold – is to achieve net-zero or energy-positive homes. As the construction industry continues to develop, Lofthouse Residences plans to further explore the possibilities within the arena. It is actively seeking out advances in building materials and construction methods to lower the impact of its properties on the planet. Lofthouse Residences wants to produce the extraordinary. Of course, aesthetics are at the epicentre of the company’s operations – it is imperative that the company creates buildings that are visually appealing. It takes inspiration from boutique hotel designs, contemporary art, and leading-edge materials technology, and implements such sources into its residences. Further, it works in collaboration with internationally esteemed architects, interior designers, planners, artists, and technologists to help visualise, sculpt, and realise its client’s vision. Behind these operations is a vibrant team of creatives, with each team member stemming from a unique background. They are ambitious, imaginative, and client-oriented. In addition, Lofthouse Residences’ team of specialists have managed some of the biggest developments in the United Kingdom in the last 20 years and have worked with some of the world’s leading construction companies. Down to the finest details, the team ensures perfection. Simply, for a premium housebuilding experience, Lofthouse Residences is the only option. The company seamlessly combines sustainability with opulence and beauty in order to create luxurious residences that align with its clients’ visions. Henceforth, it is deserving of the title Most Innovative Luxury Large Scale Private Home Builder – UK. Contact: David Lofthouse Company: Lofthouse Residences Ltd Web Address: https://www.lofthouseresidences.com/ Most Innovative Luxury Large Scale Private Home Builder - UK