Q3 2022

24 BUILD Q3 2022 Jul22018 Rex Hawkesworth RIBA is an architecture veteran with a passion for designing beautiful spaces and a career spanning six decades. In the 1970s, he established his own practice and soon after, began sharing his expertise in his book, ‘Housing Design in the Private Sector: Character Assessment in Planning’, a project that ran until he finished his last project in 2016. ex Hawkesworth’s architecture career began when he joined Southampton-based WH Saunders & Son in 1956 as an office boy, while studying part-time at the Portsmouth School of Architecture. Rex was almost qualified when he left the company after nine years, having to spend a further year waiting for his Professional Practice to finish. Next came five jobs in seven years, at Hedley Greentree’s and then Leslie Chandler’s office, an array of opportunities which delved Rex into the world of architecture where he gained extensive skills and experience. By 1972, he was ready to launch his own practice, and that’s where he worked until he finished his last project in 2016. It was in 1976 that he decided to begin writing ‘Housing Design in the Private Sector: Character Assessment in Planning’, which became a 50-year culmination of his experience and knowledge gained from perfecting the art of architecture. Aspiring architects can turn to Rex’s book for an insight into how to start their career in designing buildings and be successful in it, enabling them to learn how to make the most of a project site and all that surrounds it. Now, we take a look at just a few of Rex’s most notable works which inspired him to author his book. Through his career, he explored 50 years of invisible and speculative architecture in housing. Unlike architectural styles of the past, invisible architecture within speculative housing produces variation of an amazing nature, some more than others, depending on the circumstances. Many types of style can be used, but the ultimate decision depends entirely on circumstances related to their location, albeit, countryside, edge of town, in the central area, or villages and small locations of dwelling. Rex’s projects do not adhere to a time as 50 years is relatively short in architectural design. Ever since he first began designing buildings, Rex’s creations have been unique, yet always fit comfortably within their R surroundings, one of his earliest in 1973 having a countryside site on the edge of Horndean, Hants. Then came his bungalow in 1978 in a large and varied suburb in Portchester, Hants. In 1982, he designed an estate of houses which were situated by the 18th century north walls of Portsea Island in Portsmouth, therefore requiring sensitivity so as not to interfere with the historical influence. In 1994, he created a block of three-storey houses in Old Portsmouth with the Solent on one side and the harbour on the other. The area was well built up and this development relied on a combined entrance to the two houses with a glazed full height seaside picture above each door. The year 2000 saw Rex create a chalet in Stubbington near Gosport, Fareham, Hants, within a housing area of mixed types. Then, his final project came in 2016, a house on the outskirts of Fareham, Hants, situated within the countryside, which is sensitive to the adjoining house and includes a matching entrance porch. In terms of scale, the new dwelling in traditional brickwork was able to isolate itself to its own site, thereon and design. If you would like to learn more about Rex’s work and the world of architecture, his book is available for purchase from your favourite places to buy books, including Amazon and Waterstones. Company: Rex Hawkesworth Contact: Rex Hawkesworth Best Architecture Author 2022 (UK): Rex Hawkesworth