BUILD Q3 2019

17 Q3 2019 BUILD May19459 here are few companies around the world that can boast the sort of reputation that CAREA wields in their sector. As innovators, they are constantly look- ing to push the boundaries on what has already been achieved and conceived, driving the future of the construction industry to more developed, better, and new heights. Of particular note is the CAREA ® Mineral Composite, which has been considered the defining standard in the sphere for four decades. Containing 90% mineral fillers, is was created by the CAREA ® R&D laboratory to be non-porous, highly durable, resistant and – more importantly – long lasting, needing minimal maintenance. CAREA’s Mineral Composite has been singularly popular as a tool for architects looking to express the full extent of their creativity when designing facades. As it is available in a plethora of textures, colours or formats, it can be whatever the architect needs it to be, as malleable a material as any availa- ble on the wider market. Despite the monumental success of this core product, CAREA are perfectionists at heart, looking to continuously improve their line to meet the ever-changing, ever-evolving standards of the sector. This really lies at the heart of their enduring success. Where others struggle, CAREA have thrived through this essen- tial need to be ‘ahead of the game’, predicting change before it occurs. Another key to their success no doubt lies in their ethos to providing ‘solutions’, seeing themselves as problem-solvers above all else. For architects and experimental builders alike, this mindset has proven to be a blessing. “ This desire to bring innovation to life on a daily basis is part of our DNA, as is the quality of our eco-friendly solutions. From the outset, we have been committed to offering excellent products that are made in France in increasingly innovative ways .” - CAREA on their core ethos to provide constant innovation to their consumers and partners It can be no surprise, all things considered, that CAREA continue to be the industry goliath that they are, playing a fundamental role in the day to day operations of the global construction sector. Contact: Julian Valencia Website: http:// Telephone: +44 77335 32295 Unstoppable Innovation in the Cladding Industry With an established 40-year history, CAREA has become a leading manufacturer of cladding products and solutions. With this in mind, they were a natural fit for the title of ‘Leading Innovators in Cladding Products’ in the 2019 BUILD Design and Build Awards programme. Eager to find out more, we sought to profile the firm to see how they have become the de facto authority in the industry. T LIVERPOOL KAYS MEDICAL AQUILA RIVEN NOVOTEL ORLY ARDAL