Q2 2022

48 BUILD Q2 2022 Mar22230 Most Outstanding Luxury Residential Property Development 2022 - South East England What does it mean to live in luxury? For the team at Gold Property Developments, it means maintaining the highest standards and providing the ultimate in design and execution. It means developing sites that consider the broader community. It means incorporating all the aspects that a modern family needs into every part of a building. We take a closer look at how the team does this in the light of its extraordinary success in being recognised as Most Outstanding Luxury Residential Property Development Firm, 2022 - South East England. or more than twenty years, Gold Property Developments has been building people’s dream homes. Over the years, the team has built up a reputation for excellence that is unparalleled across the South East of England, with semi-rural areas benefitting from their desirable developments. All of the sites that Gold Property Developments is involved in are carefully designed from the ground up. Every project is unique, with its own set of demands and requirements based on the local community. Instead of dropping new housing into an area, the team takes the time to consider what styles will fit and what the specific needs are. This means that the properties can vary enormously, from two-bedroom apartments through to detached five-bedroom family homes. The first step is obviously research. This is a field where every member of the Gold Property Developments team is able to play their part. The team has grown to specialise in semi-rural locations that allow for peaceful family living and still has a great deal to offer in terms of community. The location of a project, combined with the mix of houses, transport connections, schools and amenities, all play a vital role in securing success. F In many ways, this carefully considered approach is at the heart of the business, ensuring the utmost quality at every stage. It underpins every decision that the team makes. When a client moves into a Gold property, they enter into somewhere that is more a home than a house. Every aspect is immaculate, with floors fully tiled and carpeted, and gardens turfed. All the new owner has to do is unpack their belongings. Since the beginning, Gold Property Developments has been family-owned, and building homes for families remains its raison d’etre. The home building industry has entered a period of great demand, and the work that the team specialises in – residential properties – is a vital part of this. Naturally, there are challenges in the form of satisfying government criteria for local demand in new schemes and areas. Still, the team behind Gold Property Developments knows the various difficulties intimately and how to navigate them. Currently, the team is looking into brown field sites, which will enable the developer to expand its portfolio of properties considerably. The future for this firm looks incredibly bright, with annual turnover increasing alongside the size of the team. One of the most recent projects that the team has undertaken was at Fairbrook Grove in Faversham. This was one of the UK’s first private domestic Passive House schemes, focused on providing high standards of occupant comfort and health, as well as reducing energy use and carbon emissions. The success of Fairbrook Grove has inspired the team to develop more projects in this field over the coming months and years. Gold Property Developments is one to watch in the property industry. Its work centres not only around providing an experience for buyers that is second to none, but on providing properties that are modern in every respect. We celebrate their success and look forward to where the team will go next. Company: Gold Property Development Name: Georgina Lock Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.goldproperty.co.uk