Q2 2022

49 Q2 2022 BUILD Jan22642 Best Marble & Granite Countertop Installation Company - North Carolina Universal Stone, having earned itself both the above award and accreditation in the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022, has truly earned its place as a jewel in the crown of modern construction services. From new builds to places of worship, it and its exemplary team have developed the most true-tospecification, bespoke, and complex builds since its founding in the early half of the 20th century. Keeping up the expert pedigree that it has developed, and consistently hiring in more diverse and dependable talent, it is proud to say it has grown with the industry in order to become what its clients need the most. eing a premier, specialist, and widely renowned provider of bespoke construction services, Universal Stone delivers multi-disciplinary construction and restoration expertise in London and across the nation. Critically, Universal Stone is not just a construction company, however, it is a collection of expert craftspeople – each of whom take their roles incredibly seriously – and apply their years of knowledge to the service of each client, making for empathic processes, great results, and satisfied customers. Built upon an illustrious history of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and responsibility, its deliver of hard work and expertise began in 1939. Since then, it has developed alongside a growing industry to become the front-running company it is today; nominally, its reputation has been something that has grown naturally with its service of each client who contracts it, and its trust, capability, and high-end work is now a universally accepted truth in the industry. Furthermore, it is this capability and incredible commitment to working with dependability that allows it to meet the demands of any client. No matter how big or small the job, it thrives on challenge and when faced with complexity, its staff members showing their truly industry leading talent best in these cases. With a team that includes highly skilled artisans, craftspeople, engineers, construction professionals, and designers – all with a variety of different training and experiential background – it has built its highly acclaimed portfolio, which is encourages clients to peruse before contacting it. In this portfolio, they will be able to see the variety of constructions that Universal Stone has been able to put their skills towards. From castles to commercial buildings, museums, academies, new builds, places of worship, and more, it takes pride in the variety of clients and projects it has been able to take on over the years, excited to add many more diverse builds to its repertoire going forward. Company: Universal Stone Contact: Nicki Kremer Website: universalstone.com B