Q2 2022

47 Q2 2022 BUILD Feb22627 Most Trusted Upholstery Supplies eTailer – UK Recognised as the Most Trusted Upholstery Supplies eTailer in the United Kingdom, UpholsteryShop. Co.Uk has been perfecting its skills, supplies and service for nearly 100 years. Integrated into an online shop, UpholsteryShop is a reputable, third-generation family run business that has been a physical presence in the world of upholstery since 1929 – firmly in its current location since 1936. stablished 93 years ago, the UpholsteryShop has been a well-regarded family-run business in the UK for several generations. Because of this, the establishment has been significantly successful in maintaining loyal customers across the nation, all in due part to its exceptional offering in the upholstery industry. From fittings and stitching to utensils, tools and fabric, the long-running upholstery shop excels in everything needed to perfect the fixings and fittings of your upholstered goods. Svetlana Zerdzinski, an associate of UpholsteryShop, adds to this point, stating, “Whatever your upholstery or soft furnishing requirements, we believe we will be able to help. For example, you may be contemplating reupholstering an ancient sofa or replacing a broken spring; either way, we are here to help with free advice about any DIY upholstery project you may consider and have a range of free Help Sheets in various subjects.” From pictures from the generations of exceptional workers and their unparalleled skills and expertise to pictures of its vast array of services – everything from information to personal recommendations can be found on its website, UpholsteryShop. Co.Uk and has been available to the individuals of the United Kingdom since May 2006. “Our website offers a huge selection of upholstery related products at competitive prices. In addition, you can find a wide range of upholstery supplies, accessories, tools and much more for all your DIY upholstery projects. Recently UpholsteryShop. Co.Uk has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. We’ve made loads of changes to make the shop easier to use, faster, and much more secure. We will be grateful if you would drop us an email if you have any difficulties or suggestions; this will help us improve your shopping experience more effectively,” explains Svetlana. Created initially as ‘the online shop of Bonners of Welling’ who have been selling their skills, service and craft since 1929 – the Bonners family reinvented the establishment and continue to do so over the generations of Bonners who remain proud, loyal and exceptionally skilled in the family business – keeping up with the modernity of the world without changing the tried and tested tradition of its upholstery solutions. E Whether it’s from personal experience, word of mouth or the various online comments boasting about the establishment, individuals will remain thrilled with whatever connection is made at UpholsteryShop. One of just many examples of its reputation is found within a review left for the owners, stating, “We have ordered online twice and have been incredibly happy with the service on both occasions. The website is very informative, the products are of excellent quality, and the products were delivered swiftly. Will definitely be shopping here again,” enthuses Oliver Mahoney. Recognised as the UK’s leading upholstery supplier and the Most Trusted Upholstery Supplies eTailer, UpholsteryShop is ready to help with any and all upholstery related needs, ensuring its customers will remain as proud and loyal of its services, just as its three generations of Bonner members. Company Name: UpholsteryShop.Co.Uk Contact Name: Lana Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.upholsteryshop.co.uk/ UpholsteryShop.Co.Uk – award winning online supplier. 35 (RO) Upper Wickham Lane, Welling, DA16 3AB [email protected] All you need in one place.