Q2 2022

46 BUILD Q2 2022 The company has, therefore, cultivated an impressive portfolio. One shining example of Studio Sustain’s work is a commercial multiplex project in which it worked on the design and performance optimisation of the building. Undertaking the project for a private entity, the company worked in collaboration with SSSA Architects. Spanning over 1,00,000 SQ. FT., the design utilises natural elements in order to enhance lighting, heat rejection, and air quality – not only for the interiors, but also the exterior context of the building. The goals were achieved using cutting edge iterative performance simulations for a plethora of parameters. Following these successes, the Studio now also collaborates and consults with design firms and developers in the US and European markets; Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, RTA Inc., HINES Real Estate, IKEA to name a few of their associations; and lends their expertise to global projects. Kinshuk Aggarwal, Studio Sustain’s founder, supports the company through his wealth of expertise. The young entrepreneur boasts a BA in Architecture and an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism from The Bartlett School of Planning, London, UK., after which he lent his knowledge to developing sustainable growth strategies for Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden, and projects in Central London. Upon returning to Delhi, he continued his career in architecture. On top of these impressive accomplishments, Kinshuk is a known educator within the field and is associated with prestigious Architectural Institutions such as SPA (Delhi), USAP (Delhi), and serves as an independent research advisor at the Imperial College London, UK. Thanks to these experiences, Kinshuk has sharpened his eye for design, developing an interest in global exposure in technology and sustainable practices. Consequently, it is unsurprising that Studio Sustain has achieved a high-level of success within such a short space of time. It is supported by expert management, an outstanding portfolio, and an unmatched devotion to sustainability. Unlike many other organisations, Studio Sustain does what it promises – as such, it has taken on a leading role within the New Delhi architecture industry. Contact: Kinshuk Aggarwal | [email protected] Company: Studio Sustain Web Address: www.studiosustain.com Mar22426 A Melting Pot of Sustainability and Aesthetics It’s simple – Studio Sustain is the epitome of sustainable design. The New Delhi based company has excelled in this area for over four years and has therefore earned the title of Leading Architectural Technology Consultancy Specialising in Innovative and Sustainable Projects, 2022 - New Delhi. Join us as we explore what makes this architecture consultancy firm just so special. s the global emphasis on sustainability increases, one key area of focus is the architecture industry. This has resulted in buildings being created with sustainability in mind – optimising energy efficiency through biophilic design, effective insulation, renewable energy, and a range of contemporary architectural techniques. Based in New Delhi, Studio Sustain is a proud supporter of this movement, infusing each of its designs with green practices. Studio Sustain started out as a specialist branch of the established architecture firm, SSSA Architects. Initially serving as an experiment in the application of contemporary design and methods, Studio Sustain’s primary objective was to act as a catalyst for sustainable design practices. Over the years, however, it began to grow increasingly independent, eventually breaking away from its parent company. In 2018, the company set out on its own, and in the space of four years, Studio Sustain has evolved into a leading consultancy for architectural technology and data driven design and delivery. Specialising in two key areas, Studio Sustain takes a twopronged approach to business. Indeed, the company boasts extensive skills and experience with building performance engineering (BPE) and building information modelling (BIM.) Henceforth, its diverse range of services circle around these two areas – including daylight studies and optimisation, building performance consulting, and life cycle assessments for BPE. BIM, however, is an innovative method that provides an upgrade from the traditional 2D production technique. Covering project modelling, 7D BIM implementation, and coordination modelling, BIM is, in essence, the future of the architecture industry. A