Q2 2022

39 Q2 2022 BUILD for design has resulted in a diverse portfolio of projects. For example, MM Interior Design’s work at Kate’s Nails & Beauty, Cork, pulls from contemporary sources. Subverting the traditional form of a feature wall, the company has induced ambiance into the treatment rooms through the addition of three dark purple walls. The room is then brightened through the use of floral focal points, light wooden furniture, and white décor. Amongst its clientele are customers from Europe and the UAE, as in the digital era, geographical location is no longer a barrier. Indeed, MM Interior Designs has transgressed the limits of borders, it states, ‘For them, we are willing to cross the mountains and the sea, […] to catch up with dreams!’ A 2019 project saw the company delve into the Polish market, undertaking the interior decoration of a wooden house. Featuring muted earth-tones, it is clear that MM Interior Designs has opted to instil nature into each aspect of the build – even the colour palette. Simply, it provides a connection with the natural world, utilising open spaces to invoke a sense of freshness and freedom. “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose,” continues Mariola. Be it sleek and sophisticated nail salons, or efficiently designed utility rooms, this philosophy rings true throughout MM Interior Designs’ portfolio. “My mission is to gain knowledge in the field of design,” she asserts. “I am constantly improving my qualifications by learning about new trends and implementing that knowledge into my projects.” What does the future hold for MM Interior Designs? Throughout the pandemic and into the post-lockdown era, the company has seen a rise in demand, which Mariola claims is due to the increase in downtime – “now, spending more time at home, we have noticed that it needs our attention, it needs renovation.” This growth has secured the company’s future for the time being, however, Mariola notes, ‘It is very hard to predict what the future can bring in such uncertain times. I live day by day, happy with what I have.’ Ultimately, Mariola hopes that the future will continue to bring abundance, ensuring stability, sustainability, and security. Contact: Mariola Mialkowska Company: MM Interior Design Web Address: https://mminteriordesign.ie/ Jan22415 Best Home Staging Company - ROI -Cork, Ireland, is home to the prestigious MM Interior Design – a company that specialises in the design and creation of opulent residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Join us as we explore the renowned company and its impressive work. e must remember that we need to be surrounded by beautiful things, and clean, warm colours and interiors, in order to lead positive and satisfied lives,” states Mariola Mialkowska, the founder of MM Interior Design. We spend a significant portion of our lives at home, so why not spend that time surrounded by magnificent interior design? A home that inspires creativity, brings joy, and truly reflects who you are is going to be significantly more comfortable to live in than a standard model home creation. This is, in essence, the philosophy that MM Interior Design embodies. The Cork, Ireland, based company is on a mission to turn houses into homes – homes that are not only attractive, but enjoyable to live in. Offering a full-service, MM Interior Designs strives to create relaxing home interiors and luxurious commercial and hospitality spaces, each of which stemming from Mariola’s timeless style. The firm covers a range of services, fulfilling structural renovations, crafting bespoke furniture, installing floors and tiling, and much more. However, no matter the service, MM Interior Design strives to provide quality, exceeding the expectations of its clients. Two decades of experience support the company, informing its every decision. Mariola, who boasts knowledge and skills through working for some of the world’s biggest designers, utilises ideas formed through her time in Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Such inspirations combined with her love “W