Q2 2022

40 BUILD Q2 2022 lasting bond with its clients. It does this through offering a bespoke service based upon its years of expertise and through leveraging its various labour solutions to meet its clients site requirements. ‘Our employees are the backbone of our business. As a service contractor, we depend on the skill and dedication of our team members to drive performance and client satisfaction,’ Fluor Driver comments. It is imperative that each of its employees and any potential recruits align with its values, as it is these values that push the company to the next level. Commenting further, the company states, ‘These foundational elements than continue to permeate through our organization and support our culture of innovation, care, and service. It is through this that we continue to grow and expand into new market segments and industries.’ Throughout the recruitment process, this is something that Fluor Driver focuses upon with great interest – simply, it is non-negotiable. In conclusion, 2022 is looking to be a big year for the company. Fluor Driver will continue to lead the industry towards an innovative future, bolstering its position as the leading maintenance provider in the country. In addition, the company has plans to enhance its operations to further increase sustainable practices, with an emphasis on reducing its environmental impact and waste generation. Contact: Rick Shaw Company: Fluor Driver Web: www.fdindustrial.com Jan22471 Best Plant Maintenance Specialists - Canada Its founding shareholder partners, JV Driver and Fluor, have acquired an abundance of success and boast a long and impressive history. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Fluor Driver has achieved a leading role within the plant maintenance industry. Operating across Canada, Fluor Driver strives to breathe innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm into each of its projects. luor Driver was established to combine one of the biggest international turnaround, construction, and facility maintenance firms (Fluor) with one of the best and safest Canadian contractors – JV Driver. Subsequently, this fusion has resulted in Fluor Driver becoming a leader within the facility maintenance industry. It has become notable for its devotion to innovation, creativity, and knowledge, which consistently results in a high-quality service for its clients. As the offspring of two operating Canadian companies, Fluor Driver boasts an extensive reach across Canada, maintaining a strong presence from coast to coast. Moreover, the company provides a wide range of on-site services, which have been designed to meet the ever-increasing demand from clients. With fast response repair, project construction services, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, spare parts management, and preservation customised to site requirements, Fluor Driver maintains an integrated team that ensure that its clients site operations remain efficient and streamlined. In addition to this, its diverse team is equipped to provide a wide range of solutions, including OEM services, heavy industrial, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and much more. As such, these services are supported by a stringent set of core values that aid the company in navigating client-centricity. Fluor Driver takes pride in its core values, allowing them to guide it through its daily decision making. Its main priority is taking care of each other – be it the clients or its employees. At the heart of the company lies a desire to create a stable working environment, in which employees can thrive, and customers can receive a positive experience. Additionally, the company pushes for innovation, stating that it must ‘continuously question the status quo and challenging ourselves and each other to find creative solutions that improve cost, efficiency, safety, and service. We strive to Think Different and Build Better every day.’ Most importantly, however, is the necessity of fun. Fluor Driver believes that its employees should be able enjoy their job, all the while building useful skills and continuously learning. Consequently, the company has built a solid clientele and team. Originally founded in order to serve clients within the oil and petrochemical sector, Fluor Driver has expanded its services to companies across a plethora of industries, ranging from waste processing to logistics. . No matter who the client may be, or what industry they’re from, Fluor Driver endeavours to build a longF