Q2 2022

38 BUILD Q2 2022 Mar22412 Wellness In Luxury The idea of luxury living is one which varies from person to person, but what unites every vision of an idyllic paradise is spaces which give us comfort. Few understand this better than the team behind LivHolil, who were named Best Emerging Luxury Interior Design Firm – EME in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to discover precisely what has brought them such incredible success. o many design agencies, the creation of stunning spaces lies at the heart of their approach. They create concepts which astound the mind and generate intense discussion. For the team at LivHoli, the aim is not to create spaces which stun, but healthy homes where their clients can experience natural wellness in its entirety. The team’s work, therefore, is designed to reflect their client’s precise needs, with a focus on celebrating wellbeing in every detail. When you come home you want to recharge your body, mind and soul in a healthy space that makes good use of holistic interior design. Certainly, this is what the team at LivHoli try to achieve through their tantalising combination of traditional values with modern Biophilic design and a holistic approach to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. The result is something that manages to stand apart, whilst never standing out as gauche. When LivHoli take on a project, their clients can rest easy knowing that their designs will be luxurious, functional, and distinctive in equal measure – fully utilising zen principles for added peace and serenity. Over the last seven years, the talented team behind this intrepid design agency have been called upon to assist in the development of homes, restaurants, cafes, and offices around the world. Their skill is not only in understanding the practical specifics of their assignments, but in being able to translate through the way in which spaces reflect our needs and desires. The best of these look to our past, what we have experienced and how we act, in order to design something thoroughly unique. T To achieve these incredible spaces which have such a positive impact on our lives, it’s little wonder that the team has committed to the use of only the highest quality materials and techniques. The impressive standards which characterise the team’s workflow into every aspect of its creation, drawing on many years of experience to deliver spaces that are very special indeed. Since opening their doors, the team have been able to reach out from beyond their UAE roots. With headquarters now in Central Europe, you can find the admirable designs of the LivHoli team throughout Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Mauritius and Qatar, with the USA now on the cards too. Their success with an international clientele reflects their holistic approach with every single aspect of design taken into account from the very beginning of a project. As such, they ensure the ultimate in quality at every step. The success of LivHoli comes from an approach which is always sustainable, whilst considering the needs of the individual at all times. Their idyllic and biophilic designs have helped many to find comfort when they have needed it most, drawing on their unique experiences. We celebrate the success of this tremendous organisation and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: LivHoli Interior Design Studio Name: Nora Bens (LivHoli co-founder- lead interior designer) Email: [email protected]