Q2 2022

37 Q2 2022 BUILD Mar22332 Engineering Excellence Engineering solutions are a vital part of building a good home, with a bespoke approach ensuring success in the long run. The team at Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd have established themselves as leaders when it comes to offering these services. In BUILD’s Homebuilder Awards 2022, the firm was named Best MEP Engineering Company – MEA. We dig a little deeper to discover how the team achieved this remarkable accolade. stablished in 2004, Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services has become a name to remember when it comes to working in the building services sector. With a clear vision that includes thinking differently and innovating, the team’s reputation has reached beyond the MEA region and has attracted attention from an international market. The breadth of the team’s abilities has been a key part of how the team has achieved success, offering incredible value in their engineering solutions. The focus of the company has always been on MEP engineering, and this has recently been filtered through a lens of power system and renewable energy. These sectors are showing prospects and growing in demand. The team’s professional approach in this respect has not only allowed them to serve the needs of their customers effectively but has guaranteed their place as a leader on the global stage. The firm has worked with both the private and public sectors, treating each project as unique in its own right. The needs of every client, regardless of their background, is distinctive and requires careful consideration before a design brief is started. This brief is a vital part of the development process, establishing the specifics of a project and narrowing down its aims. The potential route of innovation can also be found here, with the research department playing an important role in the development of any project. It’s not enough to offer the same old solutions. New ways of working are vital to securing success. Naturally, this innovation is most easily demonstrated through the work of the talented team. The staff at Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services are thoroughly committed to the values that have made the business a success, always looking at the latest technologies to secure new degrees of success. A close-knit working environment has been incredibly important to the way in which Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services works, with research pushing forward every aspect of the business. E The outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe has had a major impact on the construction industry, with the price of raw materials rising considerably. This has increased operational costs too, which has forced some of the plans developed by the Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services team to change. To cope with the crisis as it unfolds, the team have adopted a value engineering approach to meet the exigencies of their projects. When we look at the success of Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services, we look at a firm that is always pushing forward to bold new heights. With plans to expand their global presence, there are new challenges ahead for this incredible team, but also amazing possibilities. Their assistance has supported many to create the house of their dreams. Company: Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd Name: Abdul Ahad Jhumka Email: [email protected] Web Address: http://amesltd.com