Q2 2022

36 BUILD Q2 2022 Needless to say, the long list of satisfied clients reflects the success of the high standards that the team have implemented. Unlike many firms, Agilitee specialises in construction projects that use insulated concrete formwork, with the team certified to install many different brands of ICF preferring Jackon due to superior U values, strength and speed. ICF building systems are a relatively new addition to the UK construction industry, having been a staple in the USA for many years, but it is one which has already earned a great deal of acclaim. The decision to focus in on this way of working was made because it is likely to from the beating heart of the construction industry in years to come. The team’s other specialism is in basements, with the firm providing the perfect solutions to ensure that these valuable spaces are as safe and secure as possible. Since opening their doors, the team have become certified installers of waterproofing systems such as Delta, Triton, and as well as an experienced installer of cast concrete flooring systems. This commitment to growth in terms of what the team offer has been vital to securing success over the last few years. It’s a unique combination of skill, experience and commitment that forms the heart of what the Agilitee team are able to offer their clients. Few others in the industry can match their incredible quality guarantee. For those who are looking to develop a newbuild property, perfectly matched to their unique requirements, this is the team to call on first. Company: Agilitee Name: Chaminda Narayan Email: [email protected] Mar22242 Homes On Firm Foundations A luxury home is one which stands out from the crowd, providing a place to live that is thoroughly unique. The team behind Agilitee have made their name in providing some of the most impressive houses on the market. Their efforts saw them named Homebuilder of the Year 2022 - South England in BUILD’s Homebuilder Awards 2022. We thought it the right time to explore how their incredible concepts have secured so much success. stablished in 2013, the team at Agilitee have built a strong reputation when it comes to delivering unique luxury homes. The team’s stunning efforts have garnered praise from their clients, and the industry as a whole, for their incredible efforts and the stunning results. Working across the South of England, the Agilitee team has specialised in a project-led approach to their work which sees them fully engaged with the development of a property from start to finish. The team’s personalised approach has ensured that their clients have been able to secure precisely what they have always wanted. Instead of trying to enforce their vision on a client, the team have adopted a service-based culture and a non-adversarial approach to project delivery. Behind the scenes, the Agilitee team have a wealth of experience in these projects. They bring their unique knowledge of property development to guarantee that every project goes as smoothly as possible. The team are committed to making sure that everything is delivered on time and on budget. E