Q2 2022

33 Q2 2022 BUILD Feb22286 Treasures Of The Past The world of antiques is one filled with personal preference. With two items seldom being identical, it’s a chance to find something perfect for you and you alone. Lee Williams of Cougar Antiques & Vintage is always on the lookout for items that stand out from the crowd. In the Home and Garden Awards 2022, he and his team earned the title of Best Antique Accessories Emporium – Cornwall. We take a closer look to discover more. hen it comes to vintage items, there are few places finer than Cougar Antiques & Vintage. This emporium based in Cornwall brings together the finest and best of what the antiques industry has to offer, providing customers with an eclectic mix of valuable and interesting items. Ranging from fine Georgian regency furniture to fossilised tables, there is something for everyone here. The team has thrived thanks to an approach which looks for the best items on the market. Instead of focusing on specific periods or styles, visitors to Cougar Antiques & Vintage are treated to a world of wonder. Who knows what will be nestled in the corners or take pride and place at the centre of the store? The focus on the quirky and eccentric draws people in because they know that they will not easily find anything like these items anywhere else. The team’s products are found in a variety of places, with Lee buying items purely from house visits and deceased estates. Nothing is bought at auction, meaning that these items simply cannot be found anywhere else. As such, the Cougar Antiques & Vintage team have been able to secure a niche in the market that cannot be matched by anybody else in the industry. Such a niche means having a specialist eye at all times. The team of two that make up Cougar Antiques & Vintage is small but mighty indeed. They know every item in the shop and are skilled indeed at matching these items to the needs W of their customers. Sometimes, the team able to buy under commission, based on detailed wishlists from their customers. The personal touch has always been key to the success of the business, and Lee makes sure that he touches base with everyone who walks through the doors. The store itself is in a prime location, providing Cougar Antiques & Vintage with plenty of customers and a large premises with which to put all of their stock on display. In many ways, the location of Cougar Antiques & Vintage is part of its charm and goes a long way to drawing people in a world of wonder. That said, as new opportunities present themselves, Lee is not opposed to opening another store should the chance occur. The various closures and restrictions over the last two years have put unique challenges in places when it comes to the smooth operation of Cougar Antiques & Vintage. Not being able to go to people’s houses and having to limit how many people can enter the shop has not been easy, especially when it comes to finding the unique items that are the beating heart of the team’s approach, but business has continued to be popular indeed. When it comes to finding those unique items that make a house into a home, the team at Cougar Antiques & Vintage are able to go above and beyond. Their success in the Home and Garden Awards reflects the demand for something that stands apart, that reflects us as people and that is thoroughly unique. Company: Cougar Antiques & Vintage Name: Lee Williams Email: [email protected]