Q2 2022

34 BUILD Q2 2022 Jan22500 The Beating Heart of Design The world of design can be a difficult zone to step foot in, as there are so many powerful businesses leading the market. Finding a design company that can create astonishing landmarks, tourist attractions, interactive structures, and thought-provoking delights can be no small feat. But with advanced intelligence and guaranteed results, you could make your wildest structural wishes come true thanks to Arterial Design (Arterial). It has now won Best Technologically-Innovative and Creative Design Firm, 2022 – Victoria, so we wanted to take a closer look at its work in the industry. rterial Design (Arterial) is a multiple award-winning, knowledgeable, creative design firm that is truly making its mark on the industry with its innovative ideas, forward-thinking technology, and seasoned expertise. From project conception to the first steps and beyond, Arterial is with you all the way to the finish line. With its calculated planning and bottomless barrel of skills, Arterial is able to deliver on every project – from the initial planning stage, through to documentation, construction, and installation. Quality is always maintained and prioritised for each client and their delicate and bold ideas. Taking a youthful yet wise approach to its work Arterial is heartfelt, imaginative, and experimental. But most importantly, it is always accurate when planning and executing ideas. Conjuring up emotion for each client and their consumers, Arterial fashions spaces that are stunning, magical, interactive, and immersive. Collaborating with businesses to weave a cloth of magnificence, Arterial knows how to set up a foundation upon which to build greatness. From public spaces to signage and wayfinding, interpretive design to museums, visitor destinations to theatres, street art to sculpture, and much more, Arterial has all the knowledge it needs to completely transform every space within its reach. Aiming to connect with the client and consumer, Arterial uses its experience of design and materials – as well as construction processes – to produce a process that fits exactly what the client needs, for the best results. Its creation of Wireless Hill Memorial and Strathewen Bushfire Memorial shows its tender love for human connection and the uplifting of spirits. For example, the Strathewen Bushfire memorial is its “simple concept of four teardrops falling onto the landscape provided the physical form, from which the community of Strathewen could begin to overlay their story of the event. Each circle carries its own theme of beauty, loss, rebuilding, hope, and rejuvenation. Individual stories from community members were sourced to create a collective voice. We referenced the Japanese style of Haiku poetry with minimal words and no punctuation, to focus on the essence of their experience.” With emotive concepts such as these, Arterial is warming our hearts as we experience loss. But it’s not just memorials to commemorate our losses – Arterial also produces exciting and refreshing spaces for children and adults who are looking A to celebrate. We can see this through its National Arboretum Playscape which was created in accordance with detailed, interpretive, and forest-focused play. Fashioned as a network of giant acorns, this playscape is an exciting and inventive piece that brings a smile to all faces. Its ideas are abundant, and its portfolio is large. Of course, none of this would be possible without a team of specialists and Arterial’s team has many years of combined experience behind it. They all work together as though they were cogs in clockwork – working in perfect harmony they ensure the job gets done on time, and for the greatest result. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! Arterial has boosted business revenue and brought more people to the areas it has altered. Due to its hard work and brilliant capability, Arterial has now won the prestigious title of Best Technologically-Innovative and Creative Design Firm, 2022 – Victoria. Contact: Jan Nowell and Nick Lawson Company: Arterial Design Web Address: https://www.arterialdesign.com.au/ “The concept of Arterial was simple. It grew out of a love of art and materials, storytelling and creative collaboration.” — Jan Nowell, Creative Director