Q2 2022

32 BUILD Q2 2022 topic for Modern Ghana Magazine. To put it simply, there is no better leader for Rayzonplus Design Group. Unsurprisingly, the firm has received numerous reviews in which it is praised for its professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value. One customer expresses their thanks to the company, commenting, ‘thanks to rayzonplus for making our space worthy of staying [in] again.’ Through taking a client-centric approach, Rayzonplus Design Group has guaranteed itself a stable future, in which it will be able to expand throughout Nigeria. Contact: Niyi Alimi Company: Rayzonplus Design Group Email : [email protected] Personal Email: [email protected] Phone : +2348035291962 Web Address: https://www.rayzonplus.com/ Feb22218 Best High-End Architecture & Interior Design Firm - West Africa Working primarily in Lagos, Nigeria, Rayzonplus Design Group has become a core feature within the Nigerian architecture and interior design industry. Over the years, it has cultivated a reputation for luxury, with many customers praising the firm’s professionalism. Indeed, for a design firm you can trust, Rayzonplus Design Group is the clear option. ith almost 15 years of experience across numerous design channels, it is unsurprising that Rayzonplus Design Group has established itself as one of West Africa’s best interior design and architecture firms. Through a seamless combination of highly technical industry experience and unparalleled creativity, Rayzonplus Design Group has become notable for creating innovative and glamorous designs. Indeed, whether it is working on renovations or construction projects, it strives to explore the limits of each in order to solve its clients needs in a clever, original, and inspired way. As such, the firm has cultivated an exceptionally diverse clientele, and has therefore had the pleasure of working on a range of projects. In both the residential and commercial sectors Rayzonplus Design Group has produced luxury – much of which is displayed within its digital portfolio. Be it creating furniture, undertaking renovations, or managing projects, Rayzonplus Design Group maintains a clear devotion to quality. For example, many of its projects entwine contemporary design with classic features – such as a modern colour palette with retro-inspired furnishings. Consequently, in order to consistently achieve this level of opulence, Rayzonplus Design Group has built an efficient and motivated team. It thrives upon communication and teamwork, with these traits forming the fundamental pillars upon which the company is equipped to operate. Moreover, each member of the team possesses a love for design – for creativity – and it is this that truly sets the company apart from its competition. The firm is, in essence, a success because of its team. In turn, Rayzonplus Design Group takes the time to get to know its team, not as employees, but as individuals. This then allows the company to adequately cater to its staff’s requirements, resulting in a positive workforce. A significant influence upon how the team is structured, Niyi Alimi, the founder and Creative Director, boasts a vast amount of experience that has greatly benefitted the firm. From communication skills to a passion for interior design, Alimi has garnered an impressive track record for delivering projects quickly and under budget. The Interior Design Institute, Canada, alum is a serving member within the Interior Design Association of Nigeria and has written articles surrounding the W