Q2 2022

31 Q2 2022 BUILD solutions have been developed based upon practical evidence – they really work. Of course, behind all this, stands a robust and highlyskilled team. Avignon Capital views its team as its greatest asset and therefore treats them as such, offering a variety of benefits, as well as a vibrant and diverse workplace. Communication is certainly the team’s strong suit – as the company works across a relatively flat hierarchy, there is transparent communication without the added pressure of a power imbalance. In addition, there are numerous parameters in place that encourages collaboration amongst all departments and allows for teamwork to take place. Avignon Capital enforces a stringent recruitment process. It searches for individuality – someone that will set themselves apart through a passion for sustainability and a thirst for learning. Further, it is a great benefit to the company if the prospective recruit possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, one that matches that of the firm. Hiring people that can use their own initiative and make the position their own means that team members can delve into all aspects of the business, therefore increasing their knowledge and enabling the team to work together to achieve a common goal. The Covid-19 pandemic was an unforeseeable crisis that shook the world. Very few were prepared for the impact the pandemic would have, which then caused a multitude of repercussions. Avignon Capital was forced to promptly adapt to the new world, learning as it went, in the best interests of its stakeholders. Like many others, the turbulent situation proved to be a great challenge – one day was often entirely different from the next. Opting to take a sector-specific approach, Avignon Capital created a bespoke solution for each tenant, regardless if they were a local retailer or a major hotelier. This approach came into fruition as the regulations surrounding individual countries were varied and ever changing. It is with this in mind, that the firm focused on looking at various models, building out different scenarios to greater understand the tenants and their rental profile, which then enabled the firm to best position each asset in the future. This strategy proved to be successful, and the upcoming year reflects this. In conjunction with its equity partners, it is currently looking to build a portfolio across Germany of up to €500m GAV within the next three years, targeting Industrial, Logistics and Office assets, with a focus on core and ESG-focussed value add strategies. This would see the transformation and repositioning of underinvested buildings into those with pioneering ESG credentials. Furthermore, Avignon Capital plans to enhance its devotion to sustainability. It is committed to reducing its impact on the planet and is constantly reviewing all areas of its operations, with the aim to find areas that it can improve upon. Contact: Angela Hendry Company: Avignon Capital Web Address: https://avignoncapital.com/ Lisbon asset has sustainability and wellness throughout