Q2 2021

27 Q2 2021 BUILD Best Utility & Highway Contractors - East Midlands Off the back of the last few years of significant growth into different interests for Integral Utility Services, this award comes at a time when it is poised to push itself to further prominence. With exemplary infrastructure and utility construction services across the board, its work, especially with green technologies, has afforded it the acclaim necessary to do this. company with over 20 years of experience in its field, Integral Utility Services offers full-service utilities and highway maintenance solutions on a contract basis. This business prides itself on being able to bring a full range of competencies to its clients, including in the past two years updating its own corporate environmental responsibility by adding more green solutions to this roster. One such element has been Integral’s push for cementing itself as a front runner of electric car and 0 carbon revolution technologies. For the past couple of years, it has been installing the infrastructure and chargers necessary for the furtherment of the use of electric cars in the UK, funded by major companies. In this way, it has been focusing on bringing itself and its industry into a changing world. This is especially pivotal for Integral as the infrastructure maintenance industry is one underdoing constant change and fluctuation alongside shifting global innovations and paradigms. Bucking the trend of its more traditional competitors, Integral finds it vitally important to work with such developments, and to be constantly changing with it. This is one of its attitudes that its clients appreciate. Its work ensures that it is constantly remaining competitive in its field, and forever updating the knowledge base that forms its foundations. Its solutions are also constantly being developed in this manner to ensure they A Oct20023 are the best they can be, from its electricity and telecoms work to its water and gas installations. Across the board, Integral works to the highest standards, ensured by rigorous processes that pay attention to detail and leave no stone unturned. It will go to great lengths to ensure every element of a project has been addressed to client satisfaction. It also performs safely and efficiently, with the comprehensive nature of its work allowing it to reassure a client that it will only ever enhance how safe an area is. This also goes for its full trench digging for duct and cable laying; it is aware that construction zones require the most rigorous safety assessments and inspections, serious about carrying those out effectively. Its staff each have a well-trained eye for any potential risks, and the knowledge to isolate and manage those. Integral has also made itself a pivotal element in leading the expansion of solar panels’ popularity in the nation; it has made itself one of the loudest voices for the promotion of this technology over the past five years. During that time, its work included the installation of farms, as well as helping its local DNO western power distribution company to maintain their network by way of the delivery of these projects. Its solar focused solutions have been without fault across the board, delivered to Integral’s recognisably high standard. Integral has, through its multitude of high budget projects and its ever-growing roster of big-name clientele, made itself Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire’s leading highway and utility contractor. Its specialist services cover full highway excavation and reinstatement, and this is where the bulk of its industry knowledge truly comes in to play. With its range of proficiencies from impact moling to telecoms handled by its more civil focused staff, this can also include tarmacadam, rigid, and modular installations. As well as its full permanent reinstatements, it has the backing of two 8-wheeled, 16-ton grab lorries, assisting all general backfilling needs. Backed up by its values of exemplary standards, safety, reliability, professionalism, great customer service, care, and efficiency, it will be using these to fuel its expansion further as it looks toward the rest of the year. Company: Integral Utility Services Ltd Contact: Gemma Gibson Website: integralutilityservices.co.uk