Q2 2021

26 BUILD Q2 2021 Best Outsourced Waste Management & Recycling Service Provider - UK Reconomy is an award-winning company with big ideas and an ever-increasing level of sway in its industry. Working more and more in the fields of green solutions and the growth of this element of its sector, Reconomy has secured its position as a leader of business and of innovation. he environmental sector in the UK is a growing industry. With more innovations and developments being made on a near daily basis, and more legislation being brought out in response to lobbying for a greener way of living across the board, companies like Reconomy are finding themselves thrust into the spotlight. Reconomy has been responding to this by scaling its own growth along with demand as it gains clients and gains notoriety. Behind it, its 25 years of experience in its field lend it the credibility it needs to stand out from the crowd and give it the foundations upon which to build towards greater success. Its outsourced waste and resource provision services are widely known as reliable and effective, with the operational side of waste management being one of its core proficiencies, alongside consultancy-led sustainability and circular economic solutions. Recnomoy has been working with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and scales, up and down the UK, to bolster its industry further. This is an element of its operational model that it is particularly passionate about, and in this way, it has gained the ability to work with clients of all sectors and with all challenges. The basis of its work being that of a proven past in problem solving means that it can demonstrate to new clients why and how its clients put their trust in it. No matter the industry or complexity of the issue at hand, Reconomy has likely seen it before and either has a process in place, or is able to effectively develop a tailored one in order to respond. Despite its basis in proven past expertise and its deeply entrenched roots in the industry, it is far from stuck in the past. Reconomy is a company taking great pride in its ability to lead from the front when it comes to the implementation of new technologies or updated techniques, consistently ensuring it remains competitive by incorporating these. It keeps a finger on the pulse of such innovations as well as coming up with its own, and all its processes are undergoing constant change to keep up with the dynamics of its sector. Reconomy applies everything from customer analytical data gathering methods to mobile applications, and supplier interfaces to new platforms for office- based staff. It embraces the technologies of the future to update the methods of the past. One of its most heavily in demand services is the Reconomy Portal in this way, a platform that empowers workers T to have waste data at the tips of their fingers. This enables better management across the board, streamlining processes and cutting the confusion from workflows. It also offers a range of smartphone apps that even remove the need for a user to be at their desk to keep track of this information, letting them access it on the go. This is heralding in an era of waste management without boundaries, making things quicker and more efficient in the macro scale. Clients can use these apps to do everything from managing data to placing orders. Another such innovation has been the DigitalXchange; a unique supply change integrations system. This platform aims to deliver pioneering change to its customers by improving information transfer, limiting duplication, and minimising the risk of error across the board. This business has also made itself incredibly valuable in its local community, working hard to maintain corporate social responsibility, mostly by way of charity work and supporting social movements. Most recently, it worked with Telford Crisis Support food bank to aid them in their work. This funding was provided through its award winning social-value programme, RSVP. As it goes from strength to strength in its field, it will be continuing this work, hoping to further improve life for its local area as well as for its service users. Company: Reconomy Contact: Tony Munro Website: reconomy.co.uk Oct20769