Q2 2021

28 BUILD Q2 2021 Sep20382 Custom Home Builder of the Year - Southern Ontario The designers of a multitude of prestigious and beautiful builds in and around its region, Watermark Homes prides itself on sophistication, individualism, and passion. Having built up a stunning portfolio of exemplary work, it tells us a little more of what its clients love about it. atermark Homes is a boutique homes creation specialist, working hard to provide services that all stem from its four core values. By keeping the principles of quality, innovation, value, and relationships at its core, it inspires itself to keep striving for the betterment of its already exemplary services across the board. Serving the luxury and bespoke housing market, it has developed processes that keep the client at the heart of its operation, with the project weaving itself around the client’s needs. By working closely with the customer’s requirements and using the outstanding eye and expert hand that makes Watermark Homes’ work stand out, it creates spaces that are the perfect marriage of reflecting the client and the studio. The prestige this brings the home itself is second to none – and this is something its clients laud as what makes Watermark Homes’ work so special. Bolstering this is its understanding that every client has different needs. No two people who contract its services are ever alike, and so no two projects are alike either. Its clients approach it with a wide variety of budgets, objectives, and practical or aesthetic requirements in mind, and teasing out W these differences and working with them is part of what fuels Watermark Homes’ passion. Each client presents it with an opportunity to further learn yet more techniques and methods, building upon its existing knowledge base. It collaborates with a client to bolster enthusiasm for a build in both parties, with ideation sessions that enhance a customer’s existing goals and pose new perspectives that they may not have considered. A client could come to it with a very set idea of what they want or with no idea at all, but no matter what the case may be, Watermark Homes will be able to develop a design that the client will fall in love with. Its pride in its work is evident right from the initial consultation and remains burning right through to the conclusion of a project. Its rigorous, detail-oriented project management solutions mean that not only are its results beautiful, but that they are long lasting and without scruples. In this way, in the beginning of working with a client, it promises them that it will deliver excellence at every turn. It has thusly been instrumental in the design and creation of over 2,300 homes across the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Area. Unlike many of its competitors who focus more on volume and upgrade scales, such as the production home builder market, Watermark Homes only works in custom creations. This dedicated service of the luxury housing and bespoke architecture market has ensured that its name has spread quickly. The more incredible designs it does, and the more of its work can be seen throughout its region, the more clients it entices, further enhancing its development. It works with only the finest architects and interior designers to collaborate with on its projects, and its own team are all highly knowledgeable in both architectural design as an industry and building technologies. Due to this, the technical and technological elements that Watermark Homes uses are the best in the business, creating the most impeccably appointed homes with lavish and premium finishes. It knows that every home is a unique challenge, and this drives its ambition to consistently meet and exceed expectations, encouraging clients with even the most complex of projects to put it to the test. With a loyal client base behind it and a bright future ahead, it is clear that Watermark Homes has made itself one to watch. Company: Watermark Homes Contact: Licino Matins Website: watermark-homes.com