Q2 2021

23 Q2 2021 BUILD It also occupies a leadership role in its market segment. This element of its business operation has gained it accreditation amongst its competitors as well as its clientele and wider market, resulting in an ‘integrated process’ that has remained the same since its founding. This leading from the front mindset is another element making it stand out. In such a competitive industry, it is of course necessary that it does so. Fernanda Associados also operates on a multitude of different levels and within different market segments to ensure that its work is diverse and can address a myriad of client demands. It has worked on all sorts of projects from private companies interested in home design, holiday properties, or second homes, to large companies. Such businesses often contract Fernanda Associados for the development of furniture or bespoke objects on a larger scale, all of which bear the signature style this studio has developed. Clients of all scales appreciate its ability to be unique and stunning without being ostentatious, with sophisticated elements that reflect the personality of the client and the distinctive work of the studio’s founder. Over the past decade, the studio’s designs have gained more consistency and autonomy in this way, its work becoming better and better. It will be continuing this constant drive towards the future, looking forward to several launches of new product lines and projects to be revealed in the coming year. Company: Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados Contact: Renata Ruhman Website: https://www.fernandamarques.com.br/ Creating Contemporary Interiors for Contemporary Clientele Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados is a modern and distinctive architectural and interior design company, named the ‘Architecture Firm of the Year’ for Brazil. Working hard to serve a prestigious clientele with contemporary work like no other, its projects have become known for a style that is both artistically sound and fits seamlessly around a client’s lifestyle. Brazilian company benefitting from worldwide acclaim and operating globally thanks to the notoriety it has achieved, Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados is an architectural and interior design company. It has accomplished this acclaim by the expert guiding hand and eye of a founder who is expert in her field. Fernanda Marques’s career has been driven by her passion for beautiful, clean designs, full of character and bursting with life. Therefore, Fernanda Associados as a company has developed its niche in the industry to reflect this. Its designs are conceptual and interdisciplinary, covering a wide variety of knowledge bases to form a space capable of sweeping themes and new perspectives. This studio’s work combines the principles of architecture both classic and modern, interior design, and product design, believing that only by combining these factors can one bring out the best in a project. Its work therefore is a stunning example of interdisciplinary synergy. Its clean and contemporary nature is what draws its clients to its work, attracting a professional and ambitious clientele who wish for their space to be totally unique. In this, Fernanda Associados brings the artistry back to interior and architectural design. This driving mission has meant for a reputation of big ideas executed well. Its portfolio is a glimmering example of how it has cemented this as the prevailing attitude; having worked on big budget projects around the world, its work has become renowned for meeting and far exceeding client expectations. It is this that has earned it glowing word of mouth testimonials, something that has propelled it further into the spotlight, as the luxury and bespoke architecture market is one in which word travels fast. Fernanda Associados has used this element to its advantage by working with diligence and excellence, fuelling a client’s passion for a project and keeping that momentum throughout the process. Its procedures allow for a client’s voice to be heard during the designing, and it ensures it is ever open to critique, whilst also being sure to lend its expert eye to the work. By the end of an interaction with a client, the resulting space is a totally original area that is both artistically flawless and practical for that client’s everyday life. A Nov20176