Q2 2021

24 BUILD Q2 2021 Aug20076 Property Management Firm of the Year 2020 - North West London A property management company operating with versatility and credibility as core principles, Trust Premier has made itself a cornerstone company of its industry and the go-to business for many of its clients and partners. rust Premier is a property management company that truly embodies its name, gaining notoriety through its numerous accolades proclaiming it as such. Trust is the name of the game for this business in every sense, and thus it thrives on developing strong relationships with its clients, providing service to freeholders, developers, and leaseholders alike. It has properties across the country that it manages, but its core region is North West London. It is here that it has laid down its roots solidly to springboard off to other regions. Furthermore, its high-quality services have had it be noticed by many standard regulation bodies, holding it up as an example of excellence in its industry. For instance, it has been a finalist in the News on the Block property management awards several times in the past few years, from 2012 to 2013, 2013 to 2014, and 2014 to 2015; it also won this same award in 2011, and the was again named as a finalist in 2015 and 2016. This demonstrates not only exemplary service, but consistency. This is pivotal, only becoming more and more important as it has grown. With the expansion of any company comes the responsible scaling of its assets and resources to be able to keep up with the inevitable increased demand on its services. The constant award titles and recognition this company has accrued show its clients that it has indeed managed to do this successfully. Its clients encounter the same standards of success they have come to expect from Trust Premier every time, even as over the years its successes have meant for exponential further growth. These clients then help go T on to further fuel its expansion. Trust Premier’s excellence has earned it a strong roster of loyal clientele that all go on to recommend it to family, friends, and business partners, subsequently gaining it yet more connections. It is therefore extremely thankful to its client base for putting their faith in it, and determinedly approaches every client with respect and professionalism. Trust Premier will never settle for second best. This is made doubly clear by the level of oversight it has installed in its services. It is authorised and regulated by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authory, reassuring its customers that it will always keep a close eye on its internal operations to guarantee consistently great quality. Through this work, it has achieved ISO9001 standards. It also has a service that will support clients in bill payment and management. It asks its clients if they are confident that they are getting the best deal with their pre-existing packages, investigating other possible avenues should a client wish it. Through these avenues, Trust Premier often finds that it can secure new ways to save a client money by switching from one provider or deal to another, and due to its buying strength, takes pride in being able to accurately claim that the quotes it gives will always be the lowest possible price available to a client. It is also dedicated to keeping up to date with the newest and best innovations in its industry, keeping its finger on the pulse of the newest developments. In this way, it is sure that its online platform is one of the best; through the website’s online portal, it provides clients with a secure place to handle everything about their case. They can access everything from the weekly updated reports from their Trust Premier management team, to being able to easily communicate with other property owners. Lastly, it prizes its ability to buck the status quo. It asks 3 independent insurance brokers to find a client the best deal instead of relying on one, and in this way, it has saved clients 25% on existing premiums in a previous year. This being just a few examples of its dedication to exemplary work, it is excited to show many more clients in the future just how much this shines through in every element of its business. Company: Trust Premier Contact: Michael Yun Website: www.trustpremier.co.uk