Q2 2021

22 BUILD Q2 2021 Aug20384 Best High-Level Vacuum Cleaning Solutions Provider 2020 - UK Utilised by clients as diverse as Google, Buckingham Palace, Radisson Blu and Disney, SpaceVac International is an award-winning firm developing high-level internal and external cleaning systems designed to keep workforces working Higher, Safer and Faster in the specialist cleaning sector. nitially developed as a line of tools for clearing blocked guttering and drainpipes, SpaceVac International has spent the decade since refining its systems to create a comprehensive and flexible range of cleaning solutions utilised and highly valued by Facilities Management companies and specialist cleaning companies around the world. The defining characteristic of the SpaceVac range is its purpose-built design for resolving common issues in high-level cleaning. The first products created by the firm, for instance, were designed to make the cleaning of blocked gutters more effective, efficient, and safer. The SpaceVac External High- Level Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System, which is the refined version of the company’s initial offering, enables users to reach guttering and downpipes up to 16 metres high from the ground, without the time-consuming and riskier process of clambering up and down ladders or using specialist access equipment like scissor lifts or scaffolding. Lightweight but durable, SpaceVac’s high-level cleaning systems are complete with state-of-the-art safety locking mechanisms to ensure total operator safety, and all come equipped with a variety of accessories and custom tools to offer a flexible range of tools that can be put to work to access literally any inaccessible high- level areas. In addition, the SpaceVac range is also expanded with a number of specialist cleaning systems designed for use in range of specialist operating environments including Food and Drink production, Museums and Art Galleries and even a high-voltage system designed for dangerous trackside cleaning work. The centrepiece of the SpaceVac range however is the ATEX line of products - made in conductive 100% carbon to offer a system certified as safe for use in dangerous ATEX combustible atmospheres - where the build up of hazardous materials such as flour or wood dust can pose a significant risk to employee safety. The versatility and convenience of SpaceVac’s cleaning solutions have resulted in the company’s resources being utilised by companies of all sizes, across a myriad of industries all over the world. From an IKEA store in Sweden to Buckingham Palace in London to the data centres powering Google and Facebook; SpaceVac’s international presence has continued to grow since the product first hit the market. SpaceVac’s products can be purchased or rented, depending on the need and budgets of I clients, enabling them to secure the right cleaning solution for them and their clients. Driven ever onwards by an ambition to continue innovating its pioneering technology, SpaceVac has had an exciting 2021 so far. From the opening of its brand-new dedicated engineering and manufacturing facility in the North of England, bringing some 200 years of successful engineering experience of the SpaceVac team, to the launch of three cutting-edge new vacuums that have been designed and hand engineered to become the ideal companion to any high-level cleaning project, SpaceVac continues to operate at full capacity, despite the pandemic. Meanwhile, the company’s international reach is expanding, with new dealers being appointed in Nigeria, Mexico, Honduras, India and Hungary, with ambitions to soon enter more of the Asian and South American markets. Thus, as SpaceVac continues to make its mark on a global platform through continuous innovation in pioneering cleaning solutions, it is clear that the company’s recognition as the Best High-Level Vacuum Cleaning Solutions Provider of the UK at the BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2020 is well- deserved. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for SpaceVac International as it leads the industrial cleaning sector forwards in creating advanced cleaning solutions. Contact: Bill Prince, MD Company: SpaceVac International Web Address: spacevacinternational.com Email Address: [email protected]