Q2 2021

21 Q2 2021 BUILD When, and only when, all of these aspects have been brought together, will the team start work on the design brief. This encompasses every part of the interior design, allowing clients to really get a feel for what is being pulled together. The resultant proposal will outline what the team suggests, alongside an estimated budget and the associated design fee schedule. By paying attention to the details at this early stage, the team can achieve something truly remarkable. When the proposal has been submitted, the team can embrace the development stage, putting forward a host of ideas through concept design boards. Far from simply putting forward fabrics and potential furniture, the team create a detailed plan that showcases the look of the new interior space. This uses floorplans and sketches to illustrate FF&E positions. Here is where the style of a space can be refined and tweaked until it reaches perfection, with each area of a project receiving close attention. Collaboration is key to any project, and the Moska Design team take their client’s involvement incredibly seriously. When the design has been perfected, it is signed off and the work on creating the most luxurious details can begin. This is put forward in the form of delightful mood boards, with detailed plans and elevations that highlight anything that must be created specifically for the design. This can take the form of bespoke furniture or delightful joinery efforts that ensure your space stands apart from the crowd. Every item is recorded, with a breakdown of costs delivered to the client to ensure that it is in line with the agreed budget. When the designs are signed off, with every detail and finishing touch scrutinised and agreed upon, clients entrust the execution of the project to Moska Design and its incredible team of contractors. They take the strain by creating a schedule of the work, arranging site visits to ensure that there has been no slippage in quality and work closely to ensure that every aspect is installed with meticulous correctness. While a design firm, they know that the client’s vison comes to life during the installation and take the time to ensure that this stage is a tremendous success. There really is no limit to the care and attention that Lisa-Marie and her talented team at Moska Design are willing to put into each and every project. It’s why she is so highly regarded as a leading purveyor of luxury design. Her passion ensures that every project is completed to the highest possible standards, drawing on years of expertise to deliver results that exceed a client’s already impressive expectations. For a service that embraces every indulgence and nurtures every design fantasy, there is no one finer to turn to. Company: Moska Design and Style Name: Lisa-Marie Elkhadraoui Email: [email protected]