Q2 2021

20 BUILD Q2 2021 The Ultimate in Luxury Design In the heart of the Surrey hills lies one of the UK’s leading interior designers. Lisa-Marie Elkhadraoui of Moska Design and Style has led the way when it comes to creating environments that dazzle and amaze. Her astonishing work has led to success in the Design and Build awards where the firm was named Leading Luxury Interior Design Studio, Surrey, 2020. We examine some of Lisa-Marie’s finest designs to see how her approach could add an element of class to your house interior. t all began with a passion for design that was refined over the years into something truly exquisite. Lisa- Marie Elkhadraoui, the driving force that brought Moska Design to life, developed her eye for interior design into an approach which that embraces detail and thrives on the little things in life. Those who know Lisa- Marie, know that her work is uncompromising in its determination to stun and wow clients. It meets the definition of luxury through a desire to perfect every aspect of the design. To ensure that her clients are always the centre of attention, this stunning Studio only takes on a selected number of projects and events each year. This guarantees that each receives the ultimate in high end, luxury service. Of course, the secret behind the success of Moska Design is in its approach which is timeless and timely in equal measure. By marrying classic design and contemporary styles, Lisa-Marie and her team have built a business that draws on many sources to create something truly unique. It’s a style all its own, offering an intimate touch that many consider truly breath-taking. The range of services that Moska is capable of offering is extraordinarily wide, able to serve clients who want to transform their living spaces into something unique as well as styling the wedding of the century for the couple who want an approach that goes above and beyond. What ties every project together is the determination to bring a specific vision to life. Whatever the client wants is brought to the design process, guaranteeing an approach that is bespoke suited to specific demands. The result of this creative challenge is almost certainly outstanding in the extreme. Of course, Lisa-Marie does not work alone, and has brought together an established team of talented Interior designers and stylists to ensure that every project has the best possible chance of success. The team are proud to provide a ‘turnkey’ service, slotting neatly into whatever plans have been made for other aspects of the design process. Naturally, the first step for any project is the initial consultation. Here, the Moska team can get to grips with the specifics of a I Sep20296 case, establishing what vision a client might have. There is no rush at this point, and the team take the time to learn more about what a client wants, likes and needs. All of these features factor into the design process and start the wheels turning on a truly personal project. While the creative element has always been key, what sets Moska Design apart is the team’s commitment to producing work that matches a budget and a limited timescale. They not only want to create something visually stunning, but also design creations that can be executed perfectly. This is a credit to Lisa- Marie, who has always taken an approach which combined her passion for design with her strong gift for organisation.