Q2 2021

17 Q2 2021 BUILD Recycling Business of the Year - North West England Link Recycling is a waste management, transport, and disposal service that is elevating the standards of excellence in its region. Bolstering green movements and ensuring that waste is handled with environmental health and the health of the community in mind, it has been making waves across the North West. recycling company with a difference, Link Recycling works hard to care about its clients and their environment. It does this by keeping corporate environmental responsibility at the forefront of its operations and as the topmost priority. In this way, it has been lauded in its sector as one of the leading voices of the UK’s growing recycling world, pushing for further research, development, and innovation to make waste disposal safer for the environment and for the country. Its clients are mostly corporate and commercial, providing total recycling solutions to the businesses that contract its help, offering full-service recycling for all waste products conveniently and easily. This is a large part of its dedication to exemplary client focused customer service. First and foremost, it seeks to work as much with its clients as for them. In this way, it can ensure that it develops lasting connections with its customers, cementing solid relationships across a wide cross section of industries. Its sites are based in Manchester, Liverpool, and Wigan, and it is from these bases that its solutions are developed and delivered. Serving the entire Northwest region with an ever- expanding reach, Link Recycling works hard to ensure its services are as easy to access as they are effective. In this way, it allows clients peace of mind that no matter the size of the job, Link Recycling will be able to help; a reassurance that has only bolstered its business and client base in general. In this way, it has been earning significant trust amongst its market and carving out its niche as an integral part of its area’s infrastructure. Its specialist recycling services are backed up by years of experience and second to none, guided by a founder that believes in leading from the front. Director and Founder Ben Donnelly has been the head of Link Recycling since March of 2014, and the drive with which he approached the role is still something that provides momentum for the company to this day. He is passionate about maintaining a company that is strict with both its environmental and corporate social responsibility, partnering with the Elixir Group and Restart Trust to support movements in its region enacting real change. Prior to taking the reigns at Link Recycling, Ben Donnelly was studying at Stoke University, and it was there that he earned his qualifications in Waste Management and Waste Management Operations. The courses he took there granted him an inside out knowledge of waste management and the operations that empower these things, such as effective A Nov20033 project and resource management acumen. Furthermore, Stoke University’s educational programmes gave him insight into safe handling, storing, processing, and transporting of waste materials, all of which he brought with him to Link Recycling. The Founder has also accrued over 200 impressive hours of logged coaching through the Coaches Training Institute, getting himself summarily accredited by the International Coach Federation, as well as earning the European Mentoring and Coaching Council award. With a mind dedicated to excellence in every element of the recycling process fuelling it, Link Recycling has been pushing towards greater success every year. It recycles everything that is put into its hands in the most efficient way possible, and has recycled over 8000 tonnes of PVCU, as well as having diverted enough waste from landfill to fill four football stadiums. As a part of its dedication to convenience, it will also both deliver and collect skips or RORO containers to wherever a client needs them, alongside offering a total service transport solution. With all the above in mind, it is easy to see what has secured Link Recycling’s place as a business of excellence. Using this new award as further motivation, this company’s work is far from done, and it will be continuing to strive for greener processes across the board as it moves towards the future. Company: Link Paper Recycling Limited Contact: Ben Donnelly Website: https://www.linkrecycling.co.uk/