Q2 2021

16 BUILD Q2 2021 Feb21651 Best Niche Safety Boots Distribution Firm 2020 - UK Developing a new standard of lightweight, insulating, and advanced boot, designed to withstand the challenging environments of many workplaces from construction to farming, Leon Boots has been lauded for its high standards and dedication to client satisfaction. ounded in 2016 by a group of people who had previously gleaned years of valuable experience in boot retail, Leon Boots was created in conjunction with an Irish team to make the best brand of safety focused footwear. Using the knowledge earned over their time distributing brands such as EVA Wellington Boots, the founders accrued the feedback that customers would give that business in order to develop theirs, ensuring the creations of Leon Boots were the most competitive boot possible when they hit the market. Its clientele taught them what their experience did not, and the application of both has allowed it to corner the growing market for ULTRALight branded protective safety boots, an innovative new frontier for PVC footwear. A further task for its first year was taking part in a revaluation in the world of rain boots, which helped it to define its approach even further and better its product. Its dedication to the highest quality permeates every aspect of this business, right down to the supply lines. Leon Boots takes great pains to ensure that it works with the most reputable suppliers. In this way, it has only ever contracted trusted European companies for its sources, and this has had the added result of guaranteeing consistent excellence across its products. Its target markets are primarily hardware, construction, DIY, the garden sectors, and footwear supply in the macro scale. Despite the relatively short time that Leon Boots has been in operation, it has begun to corner these markets with efficacy and an admirably impressive growth in its clientele. This has been due to the effectiveness of its marketing, the knowledge that it used as the bedrock of its business, and how well it hit the ground running. Its clients require their footwear to be scrupulous in terms of how well they hold up against the most challenging conditions, and so Leon Boots recognises that its products must hold their demands in the highest regard. To reassure its clients that it F is forever working to meet and far exceed these, it makes a conscious effort to consistently show how it has improved, and how it plans to do so in the future. Leon Boots was introduced to the UK market in 2018 with stunning results and to a very receptive client base. It has continued to use this success as a springboard from which it can further develop, becoming the go-to supplier of alternatives to heavy rubber footwear. Its products are 65% lighter than any of its competitors boots that use more traditional materials, allowing its clients to take on their work with renewed vigour knowing their footwear won’t contribute to exhaustion. They also contain an innovative removable sock liner interior, allowing this to be removed and washed overnight and for the client to feel like they’re stepping into a brand-new pair of boots every morning. This sock is also an adept insulator, able to keep feet warm even down to temperature dips of minus thirty degrees. This alongside its general dedication to excellence has earned it many accolades, that this new award will now be joining, affording Leon Boots prestige alongside the unwavering trust of its clients. Throughout the struggle of 2020, the global pandemic has not stopped the company continuing their rapid success & listening to the customer base & trusting gut feelings Leon Boots Co UK combined forces with a local logistics company & moved into a 2,500sqft distribution centre in Weston – Super- Mare. With the release of new products and delivering exemplary boots to its clients, preparing new lines all the while for ever growing market sectors. In the future, Leon Boots Co will be looking to expand worldwide, starting with pushing through its partners in regions & growing the UK’s success in Asia, Australia, USA & the EU. If its initial years have been anything to go by, this company will certainly be one to watch. Company: Leon Boots Co. Contact: Kev Burgess Website: leonbootsco.com