Q2 2021

15 Q2 2021 BUILD Nov20193 The Designers Behind the Fresh Face of Modern Businesses A leading design and architecture studio serving the UK from its two prestigious headquarters, MF Design Studio has become a well-known name amongst its industry. Because of this, the evidence of its exemplary work is evident in the offices of big-name brands across the nation. F Design Studio is a Boutique Interior Architecture studio with an award-winning portfolio that has worked across the country to create beautiful, top of the range interiors. Using its bases in Surrey and London as springboards to reach the most prestigious clientele, it specialises foremost in luxury commercial interiors for workplaces. It therefore works with projects that require the highest levels of knowledge in interior architecture and commercial design standards. After all, for its clients, the work MF Design Studio does for them will become the new face of their business, as well as the working environment for their employees. Consequentially, it often works with some of the strictest client specifications. MF Design Studio’s philosophy towards its clients is one of fostering enhanced collaboration during the design process. In this way, it ensures that the project is a labour of love for both parties, and that the client is reassured what they come out with is perfect for their purposes and fits their vision. Its design solutions are sought after by many high budget clients. It has done work for many iconic brands in this way, and therefore built up strong relations with titans of various industries such as Citrix, Natixis Global Asset Management, Clive Christian, La Prairie, L’Oreal, Lebara, Medecins Sans Frontier, Tokio Maine HCC, and many more. The connections that it develops over the course of working with a client it strives to ensure remain for years, bolstered by its impeccable customer service attitude. By making itself such a pleasure to work with, its clients often become return customers that contract it for interior and architectural designs again and again. Furthermore, they often go on the recommend it to others in their sector, spreading the word of MF Design Studio’s exemplary nature. Above all, it finds it pivotal that a client finds the design process exciting and engaging – to encourage this, it also holds this attitude in high regard. When working with a new client, its initial contact will focus on the brand MF Design Studio will be working to represent, getting an idea of what excites them. When it ascertains this, it will then work hard to keep that passion aflame throughout the project and use it as the core inspiration. It believes all interior and architectural design should be a fundamentally enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one; after all, it’s a time where a client can create their perfect vision of an interior. In this way its work will always keep the customer’s wishes at the fore. Its team of talented expert designers are M dedicated to making their desires a reality, working with an expert eye guided by the trends in their industry as well as their own individual perspectives. This element ensures MF Design Studios’ creations will always be truly unique. Due to its work with professionals and big influences in the corporate world, it has made itself an expert in workplace strategy, space analysis for business, and commercial sector space ideation. Its designs are timeless and iconic with a strong uniting theme of technical excellence and practical efficacy. Priding itself on its attention to detail and ability to develop an area suited to any team, not only will its work fit seamlessly around the business’s operations, but it will reflect the people who work within. In tandem with this, its years of experience in its sector have given it the understanding of implementing design elements that will remain in fashion despite its industry’s constant fluctuations. In the future, its clients can expect that it will be continuing this commitment to excellence. Guided by its values of innovation, creativity, and design enhanced by the client’s individuality, it looks forward to seeing what it will get to work on next. Company: mf design studio ltd Contact: May Fawzy Website: mf-studio.co.uk