Q2 2021

14 BUILD Q2 2021 Nov20388 The Architecture of a New Era An experienced and expertly developed company fuelled by the passion of its founders and a drive to be different, Altro_studio seeks to combine multiple disciplines and create the spaces of the future. ltro Design is an exemplary interior design and architecture firm based in the prestigious city of Rome and working to elevate the sustainability of its industry. It was founded in 1998, and now with decades of experience under its belt, has kept the same dedication to excellence that inspired its beginnings all those years ago. The minds behind Altro_studios were fuelled by their desire to make a design company that was proficient in working in an interdisciplinary environment, able to address a wide range of competencies with efficiency and sophistication. It has been more than able to achieve this, and even from its initial days it began to define its approach as one of aesthetic bliss in creating movement. From temporary housing to big new-build developments, Altro_studio developed ways to show fluidity in its creations, creating flexible, transformable spaces with a heart of eco-friendly living. A Its projects are therefore influenced and inspired by new technologies. By keeping abreast of its industry’s newest innovations from technical elements to technological updates such as design programmes and ideation software, it can ensure that its work is modern and streamlined. Its clients appreciate the elegance with which it handled its projects, and its automated processes have become lauded as exemplary. Its materials are also a way in which Altro_studio is pushing the limits to take its sector into the future. This studio has always been interested in finding new ways to serve its clients whilst upping its own environmental sustainability work. The material choice is one way in which it does this. It has investigated each of its sources thoroughly, and now operates with an intimate knowledge of every element of a build, ensuring that everything is sourced with the health of the planet in mind. Additionally, Altro_studio adds to this innovative drive with its push for continued experimental architecture and research. It considers architecture as the perfect synthesis of art and science, incorporating disciplines from music and philosophy to politics and physics in order to create the perfect space, one that is elegantly in line with client specifications and is recognisably the distinctive work of Altro. Altro_studio wants its work to reflect everything that’s important to the client and to the project. Therefore, when it approaches the design phase, it incorporates elements of figurative art that create immaculate shapes and guide the eye. This allows it to reflect the world of the present, whilst implementing architecture and interiors that will remain timeless in the future. Consequentially, its work has become defined as experimental through its constant push for creating ideas that its clients and competitors have never seen before. Its expert analysis of the space or area that it is going to be working in, as well as its drive to truly get to know a client, ensures that every project is thoroughly unique. All of it fundamentally links back to identity and the concept of a contemporary vision that will serve the discerning modern client, taking cues from famed voices in its industry as well as professionals across many art forms to inspire its work. Its spaces are therefore all also designed to serve the lifestyles and changing paradigms of its clients. As it looks toward the future, it plans to extrapolate this model to facilitate future growth, continuing to adapt and further corner the market in its industry. Company: Altro_studio Contact: Anna Rita Emili Website: https://www.altro-studio.info/home