Q2 2021

18 BUILD Q2 2021 Mar21540 Client-Focused Roof Repair in Rugeley A roof services and repairs company based in Staffordshire and garnering significant good will in its community, MD Roofing has become known for providing exemplary work with outstanding customer service. D Roofing is a company operating within a 40- mile radius of its home base in Rugeley Staffs. Having developed a reputation for efficiency, professionalism, and industry-leading standards, MD Roofing covers roofing services for both domestic and commercial clients, with a fully qualified team. Its staff hold valid CSCS Cards with City & Guilds NVQ Diploma Qualifications, training that has given them their comprehensive knowledge of their trade. In this way, MD is manned by people it is confident in to do the job to a standard that will leave a client 100% satisfied. To this company, anything less is simply not good enough. It offers all manner of roof repairs to complete new roofs, including all types of flat roofing, roofline work, and specialist lead work. Notably, it is fully proficient in handling specific damage problems such as wind damage or water damage, gaining accreditation as a fully Approved Firestone rubber cover contractor. In addition, during its free consultations, it will attend the property to give it a full review and talk a client through the work that needs doing. During this process, it makes it clear that it is uninterested in upselling a client on services, it simply wishes to ensure they can get the right service to fix the issue at hand. In this way it approaches all jobs with an attitude of ‘no M job is too small,’ and happily gives its expert advice to guide a client even before it is contracted. Its clients are mostly domestic, due to the fact it operates within a set locality; but this has proven a beneficial aspect of its operation. Working within a community has allowed it to ingrain itself in the local infrastructure, making itself a household name. Further adding to this is the testimonials it receives. With the completion of so many jobs to such an incredibly high standard under its belt, it has carved out its niche in the roofing sector for its region, and its clients often go on to recommend it to others, boosting its reach. By this naturally occurring growth achieved by conducting itself with professionalism and efficacy, it has cultivated substantial trust amongst its clients and secured sustainable expansion. MD Roofing’s goal above all else is to make every interaction it has a 5 star one for its clients. In this way, it ensures it always puts the client first, reassuring them that they are in good hands. An important part of this is knowing what it’s talking about without overwhelming a client with jargon. Furthermore, MD Roofing has become well known for its quick turnaround in its work, able to respond to emergency callouts and resolve the issue before it can cause a client any more headaches. It has also gained repute for the thorough clean up it will always do afterwards, leaving a customer’s home as clean as it found it. Each member of its team is a dedicated and highly effective professional. With years of training and experience between them that make them some of the best in the area, it has set itself apart from its competitors. In tandem with this, the years of working together have ensured that MD Roofing’s staff are a tight knight and highly effective team that work seamlessly together. This is part of what allows its services to be so exemplary; the communication within the company itself is flawless, and so it can extend this out to its clients. Each team member is a vital part of its success story. With 2020 having been one of their best years yet for business, it hopes 2021 will continue this trend. Given that the early half of the year has indeed done that, it is approaching the remainder with optimism and confidence, looking forward to showing yet more clients what high-quality roofing can be. Company: M.D Roofing services ltd Contact: Mark Davies Website: https://www.md-roofing-services.co.uk/