BUILD Q2 2019

129 Q2 2019 BUILD 1808BU11 Finger on the Pulse With a long-standing reputation for clinical excellence, it’s no wonder that Healthscope has been awarded the title of Most Outstanding for Healthcare Facility Infrastructure & Development, NSW in the Global Excellence Awards. vision, Healthscope understands operating in an environment where safety and quality are paramount and having the ability to provide service excellence for medical professionals and their patients is of the utmost importance. Healthscope was the first private hospital operator in Australia to report performance against quality and clinical outcome metrics publicly, just one part of its program to maintain and continually improve its high standards. Initially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1994, Healthscope has since been the subject of several strategic transactions in order to grow the business. In October 2010, the Healthscope business was acquired by a consortium of funds, advised and managed by TPG and The Carlyle Group and was subsequently de-listed from the ASX. Following a period of successful growth under private owner- ship, the Healthscope business was re-listed on the ASX on 28 July 2014. In July 2015, Healthscope sold the Australian component of Healthscope Pathology, including Gribbles, to Crescent Capital Partners. In September 2017, Healthscope sold Healthscope Medical Centres to Fullerton Health Australia. ealthscope is a leading private healthcare provider with 43 private hospitals in Australia and 25 patholo- gy operations across New Zealand. Created in 1985, its aim is to provide quality clinical outcomes and an exceptional patient care and the Group has a strong reputation, plus a long history, in the Australian private health care sector for its innovative approach to quality, which has been locally and internationally recognised. Committed to delivering industry leading quality of care for patients and services for doctors through our hospitals and pathology laboratories, Healthscope’s staff and doctors provide care for thousands of patients in the communities served. In FY18, Healthscope treated approximately 600,000 patients, delivered more than 12,200 babies, performed more than 360,000 surgical procedures and 6.7 million patient pathology episodes. Its success comes from working as a team, and its purpose was developed from a collaborative process involving staff members from across the organisation. Today, the Group consists of a team of more than 18,000 employees and 17,500 Accredited Medical Practitioners, all of whom are dedicated to providing quality care and positively contributing to the clinical outcome of the patients in their care. The firm’s vision is to be a recognised leader of quality private health care services and it places the highest priority on deliver- ing quality clinical outcomes, as well as transparency of report- ing and elevating the overall patient experience. In delivering its H