BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 130 Jan19163 Best Bespoke Garden House Design Company – Italy Casette Italia SRL is an engineering company dedicated to creating high quality tailor-made garden- houses, wooden-chalets, and garden-lofts. To showcase the firm’s success in this year’s Homebuilder Awards we profile it and share an insight into the secrets behind its success. As a result of this approach, Casette Italia has designed more than 100 new models that its customer can fully tailor-made and personalize. Alongside design services, the firm also provides a complete service ranging from transportation through to instal- lation on-site and mounting of the product. Collaborating with local, professional teams, the firm is able to ensure that every structure it creates is installed to the highest possible standard and meets its clients’ exact needs. The firm strongly focus to full cooperate with local architects and local engineering studios all over Italy to design and build for them and their end-users. The success of the cooperation with architects and engineers is demonstrated by the high retention rate: each architect works together with Casette Italia more than 2 times in average. Looking to the future, Casette Italia is seeking to capitalise on its current success and grow even further by moving into the premium garden structure market with its latest line of “LOFT” under its new brand KOALA. The growth of this new brand, alongside the continued success of its existing solutions, will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. stablished in 2010, Casette Italia is an innovative garden house designer and manufacturer, offering a full-service to its discerning clientele. Throughout Italy, Casette Italia has shaped a new market-seg- ment within the blockhouse garden-homes market. Focussing on professionalism and strict design procedures to always offer the best possible service and product, the firm has achieved an enviable reputation for excellence over the past 9 years. Previously, this market has been always characterized by low-cost, low quality and classic/standard blockhouse style products, often sold by the DIY centres. They are often used as tool recovery shed or garden equipment recovery. Seeking to offer Italian clients’ an alternative and high design solution that appeals to their love of beauty and style, Casette Italia provides a new approach where design and tailor-made capabilities are taken into the picture, and where the prices are still comparable to the current market rates. The firm aims to become the first Italian company for bespoke garden house, chalet and garden offices build up with the blockhouse system. It is this innovative approach that sets the firm apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for clients seeking premium architectural design and high-quality raw materials at affordable prices. E