BUILD Q2 2019

BUILD Q2 2019 128 imber has been the go-to choice for building mate- rials since the dawn of early man. It is hardwearing, versatile and quite beautiful with its intricate design of grain and knots, all created by Mother Nature. However, without the correct care and treatment all wood, be in hardwood or softwood, will inevitably perish as it succumbs to the weather, bacteria and onslaughts of insects. Protek, the manufacturer of quality industrial and decorative timber coatings and preservatives, not only aim to create something to protect that is effective and long-lasting… It also strives to not cause any damage or harm to the flora and fauna it comes into contact with. A family owned and run firm based in Somerset, Protek has been in business for more than 30 years and has always had a vision to sell quality wood stains, decorative timber coatings and preservatives that are effective, long-lasting, beautiful and kind to the environment. Originating in the 1980s, and using only water-based technol- ogy for the treatment and preservation of wood, Protek caused quite a stir when it first released its innovative range of wood- stains and treatments. It was a time when most people still used creosote to treat their timber – a product now known to give off harmful fumes for many years after use, and cause health issues for humans, as well as other animals that may come into contact with it, such as cats and dogs. Wooden it be Nice? Innovative family run firm, Protek, seized the opportunity to create environmentally-friendly wood treatments over thirty years ago. As one of the first of its kind on the scene, it’s no wonder that the business has gone from strength to strength over the years. T Protek’s mission at the time was to change the manufacture of all fencing and shed products to its new water-based wood stains and treatments. The firm promoted the use of wa- ter-based formulas containing organic pigments with boron as the preservative in concentrates against oil and solvent based high VOC (volatile organic compounds) products as the way forward. They were (and still are) easier and nicer to use and have a far lower environmental impact. The Protek range is the attractive and effective solution to looking after all types of outdoor timber. Each product is skilfully made to minimise any human health and safety risk and the effect on the environment. They can be used on a variety of finished states such as rough sawn or planed surfaces and will leave a natural looking coloured stain finish. The decisions that are made within the firm today, to limit the impact we have on the environment, are based on thesame philosophy that Protek was created on and one that the firm is keen to continue to improve upon. The processes that Protek employs to make its products are in the most energy effi- cient ways possible and its long-term commitment to reusing materials and waste on-site is as important to minimising the impact on the environment as the ingredients used to make its comprehensive range of wood stains. 1806BU02