Home Builder Awards 2021

Home Builder Awards 2021 BUILD 41 Jan21381 brasa, or OBS, is a company based in Marbella offering expert interior design, reform projects, decorating, 3D design and infographics, and rendered real estate promotion. It has been working hard to carve out its space in its industry, serving its clients with high quality, efficient working schedules, and full compliance. Its staff are all trained and experienced professionals with some of the top ideas in their field, armed with the latest techniques and technologies. Its team therefore carry out work to the loftiest standards; those set by itself, those set by its industry, and those set by its client. It manages everything from the largest element of the build down to the most minute, prizing its attention to detail as a fundamental part of its process. Furthermore, its staff coordinate the trades needed for these new builds and reforms, offering its clients peace of mind as it takes care of some of the most logistically stressful aspects of design and architectural work. In a similar vein, OBS takes care of other details such as permits and planning permissions, or optimizing spaces for lighting and interior design, lending its expert eye to a job. It carries out all manner of construction work, and is particularly adept at the creation of modern, highly stylized spaces that reflect the personality of the client. In this way, it can show its true range of capabilities, as each client is so different, and therefore so must each build. OBS has worked on luxury apartment buildings, community centres in the historical heart of Malaga, and corporate buildings, becoming well known throughout the Costa del Sol as a company that is making its mark. With so much evidence of its excellence visible throughout its region, it is easy to see what has sparked this company’s rapid growth. For the most part, many of its clients are luxury or independent single-family homes, where the client is an individual with a clear vision of how they want their home to look. OBS has become known for working with many satisfied customers within this exclusive market, and so word has travelled fast regarding its exemplary efforts. These word of mouth testimonials are invaluable, and alongside the written testimonials its clients leave, cause it to gain more clients as well as retain the existing ones. In turn, this means more work for OBS; including one of its recent projects, a new construction in Marbella for a high- income Polish client that was 4 years in the negotiation. Making it stand head and shoulders above its competition is its dedication to maintaining a client-first mentality. OBS strives to work to a client’s schedule and comfort levels, ensuring that they feel their project is in safe hands and that they are kept up to date throughout the process. This person-focused treatment of its clientele is something they laud as an industry-leading mentality, and it has been praised for treating every project as though its staff were working on their very own home. The level of passion and drive that goes into every task the team are given manifests in the sleek, sturdy, and to-specification building that is eventually created. When it begins work with a new client, it encourages them to get in touch with a previous client to see for themselves the kind of work that OBS does. To this end, when a project is concluded, OBS asks a client for their contact details and permission to give them to the next customer to facilitate this. This system allows a client to begin to be able to build trust OBS’s results right from the beginning of their interaction. For the rest of 2021, OBS will be continuing to build up its portfolio with several upcoming high-profile jobs, as well updating its processes to be more environmentally friendly across the board. With these plans in place, OBS is set to take the future by storm, and is excited to do so. Company: OBS Contact: Daniel Leon Medina Website: https://www.obrasa.es/ O Best Residential Architecture Practice - Costa del Sol Based in the Spanish city of Marbella, Obrasa is an interior design and architecture company keeping the client at the heart of its operation. With this new award under its belt, its ambition has been further bolstered as it plans for a bright future.