Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 40 alleviates a great deal of pressure from a project. If a design is not working, it’s possible to change direction and try something new. Instead of focusing specifically on getting it right with no flaws, the aim is to get it right in the end and see where the journey takes them. As a solopreneur, the challenge for Marisa is maintaining a project load that she can cope with. As her name becomes more well known within the industry, she is open to hiring additional designers who can share the work. Certainly 2020 was an incredibly busy year for her and Spatial Harmony as more people worked from home and chose to invest in their property. It’s easy to see what makes Spatial Harmony so unique. It’s the approach that is championed by Marisa Saavedra-Gutierrez. Her work is sublime, drawing on the client’s needs and her own long history within the industry. Her work is invaluable, transforming a house into a home. Company: Spatial Harmony Color Consulting + Design, LLC Name: Marisa Saavedra-Gutierrez Web Address: www.spatialharmony.net Email: [email protected] ow a space is used is a key part of interior design, and when we take a look at Marisa Saavedra- Gutierrez’s work, it’s clear that it is a topic she finds fascinating. To her, space can be transformed into somewhere that nourishes creativity, that breeds productivity and that enhances peace of mind. At the heart of every project that Marisa undertakes is a determination to harmonize a space with what her clients need. Since being established in 2016, Spatial Harmony has gone from strength to strength. Numerous clients have turned to Marisa for exceptional styling advice that is carefully tailored to the needs of the client. Marisa’s approach takes the form of a step-by-step process that engages the client on every level. Far from enforcing her own preferences, she takes the time to understand what they want from a project. Needless to say, creating the ideal interior design covers a range of different services including color consultation and materials selection such as tile design, layout, countertops, paint color, and lighting. Each project is unique with some carrying a blank slate such as a new home construction and others involving a residential remodel. If required, Marisa can turn her hand to a specific aspect of the business, with art and furniture procurement, furniture layout and space planning all built in. One of Marisa’s most recent projects was for a client who wanted to update his music room. The project was one which embraced the potential of the situation, designing somewhere that could provide the ultimate in listening enjoyment. Marisa had to research acoustic sound panels intensely, reaching out to professionals in the industry in order to understand the requirements involved. After much research and many sleepless nights, the project was a hit, transforming a tired space into a modern and much-loved music room. In many ways, this shows the lengths to which Marisa is willing to go to create the ultimate product, listening to what clients really want. To her, the design process is fluid, and this Spatial Harmony Color Consulting + Design, LLC A major part of creating dazzling interiors is educating homeowners on what is on the market, and how they can bring that style to their own vision. Marisa Saavedra-Gutierrez founded Spatial Harmony Color Consulting + Design, LLC to bring people’s visions to life. We take a look at how she has managed to triumph twice in the light of her award-winning success. H Feb21040 Most Client-Focused Interior Design Firm - Southwest USA & Best Rustic Home Interior (New Mexico): Corrales, NM Spring Parade Home