Home Builder Awards 2021

39 Home Builder Awards 2021 BUILD or the last forty years, the Wooden Door Company has been a leading provider of doors to clients across the UK. As a family concern, the team takes the time to add those little touches that make everything just so. Whether it’s a single door, or an entire house, they know just what to do to provide the perfect finishing touch. The firm is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and is home to one of the region’s largest door showrooms. Every sort of door is here, from internal to externals, demonstrating the impressive range that the team is able to offer. As the firm manufactures its own doors, it’s possible to take any of these and adapt it so it is made to measure for your property. The manufacturing facility is undoubtedly the gem in the team’s collection, allowing them astonishing flexibility that cannot be matched by the larger companies. Their work is always bespoke, yet available at factory prices. If a client has a unique design they would like to be built, it’s possible for this impressive team to deliver a finished product in three weeks. Your home is something special, and an item from the Wooden Door Company simply cements that fact. Because each door is designed to be of the highest quality, the Wooden Door Company has explored options that make their doors even better than the competition. The use of laminated glass, for example, ensures that the glass unit stays in one piece should an accident or attempt to enter occur. This has the benefit of not only reducing the risk of someone being cut or injured, but makes it much harder for anyone to widen the gap and enter. Safety is always top priority with the team, and the way they approach every one of their products shows this. Those who turn to the Wooden Door Company don’t just turn to a business that sells doors, but craftsmen who construct beauty in timber form. Their knowledge and expertise are exceptional, driving every decision that is made by the company. This has proven to be part of the key to their success over the years, with a commitment to the highest standards on behalf of their customers overriding everything else. It’s easy to underestimate the value of a good door. They can add a layer of much needed security, showcase a little of your values and add a dash of class to the outside of your house. The team behind The Wooden Door Company know how important finding the right door is. We unlock some of the secrets behind their success in BUILD’s Homebuilder Awards. F When the door is complete, tailored made to the client’s specifications, the team provide a direct delivery service through a carefully chosen courier. From the design to the construction to final handoff, they are committed to ensuring that every step is as simple and straightforward as possible for the customer. Throughout the process, a talented and capable team offer support to make sure that the final product is exactly what is wanted and required. To some, a wooden door might seem old-fashioned, but the benefits of the material remain unparalleled to this day. Sturdy, long-lasting and stylish, they are ideal for the purpose. The Wooden Door Company hasn’t just made its name through supplying doors, however. It has built a reputation on elevating this skill to astonishing heights. Company: The Wooden Door Company Name: Radhika Chaba Email: [email protected] Jan21345 Best Bespoke Internal & External Wooden Doors Manufacturer - Yorkshire