Home Builder Awards 2021

BUILD Home Builder Awards 2021 42 Feb21190 erving the City of Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, Lawrence Park Development is a custom luxury homebuilder and developer, dedicated to crafting homes that welcome all those who enter. The LPD team designs for people, not their egos, and specialises in the creation of buildings for the future. A Tarion-registered builder, LPD is able to guarantee exceptional standards in all of its projects, no matter the scale or complexity. The company specialises in new builds and renovations, including historical renovations, and is able to curate spaces that suit the individual tastes of each client, whether they be looking for a modern or traditional aesthetic, or something that combines the two. Consistent in every LPD home, however, is an expert symbiosis of design and architecture that improves the quality of living. In order to achieve style and functionality that works for its clients, LPD invests time and resources to gain a thorough understanding of the project, the client, and their needs and wants. LPD is widely regarded for its genuine care for each of its clients, which ensures that the LPD team, the client, and their architectural and interior design teams are united before a contract has even been signed, collaborating from day one to deliver a home that will last a lifetime. For clients who do not have or want separate design, architecture and construction teams, LPD is able to offer complete Design + Build services in-house, ensuring that clients have support and advice at every stage of the realisation of their dream home. Achieving such high levels of customer centricity and service has been made possible by LPD’s embrace of technology. The team uses state-of-the-art scheduling software and communication tools; software that enables the production of renderings that help clients to visualise the potential of a finished space; video-calling platforms to regularly communicate with customers about their projects and its progress; and a myriad of other tech that enables the efficient and effective progression and completion of a project that is delivered with conscientious and superior service. As a result, LPD has been trusted with some amazing projects, such as an all-time favourite new build in central Toronto. The team was charged with creating a space that connected interior with exterior, and the result was a clean, modern, European- style home that incorporated wood, concrete, steel and natural elements and celebrated the joys of city living in all seasons. It is a project that has been instrumental in acquiring new clients who have been amazed at the skill and innovation of LPD, and wish to benefit from its services in their own homes. Best High-End Urban Homebuilder - Toronto & GTA Lawrence Park Development is a Tarion-registered builder and developer specialising in bespoke luxury homes for the City of Toronto and the surrounding region. Marrying architectural design and functionality together in magnificent spaces, LPD is proving its inimitable skills in creating family homes for now and for the future. S Another major project was the complete renovation of a large unit in a renovated late 17th century church which was in urgent need of rejuvenation. It was a challenging project, requiring significant structural work that was made difficult by the site’s location on a thriving residential street with limited access. The end result, however, was worth the challenge. An exceptional, multigenerational residence across four floors with all the functionality required from a family home, with the style and elegance of modern living that could only be achieved by the LPD team. The latter project came at a time when business activity has been thriving for LPD, which the team puts down to the pandemic. With homeowners spending more time in their homes, working alongside other family members who may be working too, or studying, playing or relaxing, it has become clear to many that their spaces need to evolve to suit the varied needs of those who live there. Moreover, with less spending on vacations and other major investments, customers are spending more on home improvements, a phenomenon which is proving advantageous to LPD. There are no signs of this exciting and busy period slowing down any time soon, either. With the home development industry booming, LPD has several significant projects set to begin soon, such as its exquisite “Knightsbridge on Bayview” executive freehold townhouse project in the heart of the Bayview and York Mills area of City of Toronto, which will begin in Spring 2021. This project will present the LPD team with the opportunity to perfect its multigenerational living philosophy, creating secluded yet connected spaces which work for every member of the family. As champions and innovators of modern living in the family home, LPD is undoubtedly one to watch as it shapes the future of architecture and design. Contact: Mahmoud Joghtaei Company: Lawrence Park Development Web Address: www.LPDCanada.com