2019 Homebuilder Awards

2019 Homebuilder Awards Build 7 Best Luxury Residential Architecture Design Company - Spain Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in the market, Bynok has risen to be a leader in the architecture, construction, development and real estate markets. As a result of this position at the head of its market, BUILD Magazine recognised the firm in its prestigious Homebuilder Awards for 2019, and we profile it here to showcase the secrets behind its success and how far it’s come. ounded in 2012 and drawing on a collective range of experience of more than two decades, Bynok offers innovative design and architecture solutions throughout the luxury residential property market. Previously known as Bansa, the firm had rebranded to provide its clients with the services they need and is now renowned as Bynok, a brand which resonates with clients throughout the architecture and design space. Defined by excellence in service, commitment in the fulfilment of objectives and an overwhelming creativity without limits in the mind of each of the design team members together with an enormous passion for work well done, Bynok has developed more than 5,000 properties over the years. Today, the firm relies on the creativity and ingenuity of its valued team to ensure that it offers its clients’ cutting-edge, innovative solutions that are ahead of market developments. Currently, ByNok is directly involved in the development of more than 60 different projects in Marbella and around the Mediterranean coast, involving an investment of more than 100,000,000 euros from a wide range of clients from different geographical locations. The firm supports a diverse array of clients, but all ByNok customers have as a common denominator the total confidence they place in the services offered by the company and the absolute and fully demonstrable satisfaction with all the work carried out. They receive exceptional service and support throughout their project, and this ensures that they receive an outcome they can cherish. Seeking to build upon its current success, moving forward Bynok is set to expand into the US and Dubai, with this growth set to ensure that the company works with even more clients over the coming years, working alongside them to make their property dreams a reality. F Jan19187 Company: Bynok | Contact: Ángel Leiva Website: www.bynok.com