2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 8 ince St. Paul’s Group’s establishment in 2016, the company has not stopped working on improving its operations. Today the group’s dedicated team can offer services such as design and build, refurbishments and turnkey projects. The team work closely with a group of professionals including architects and interior designers to make every project unique and cost-effective. Whether it is an existing or a new build, together they strive to transform every clients’ project from plans and drawings into reality. Thanks to this client-focused approach, over the years St. Paul’s has helped clients to turn their house into a home and helped property developers increase profits on their investment properties. St. Paul’s ensure that their materials are sourced from highly reputable vendors, and all its tradesmen have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. S Best Full-Service Home Construction Firm - London Drawing on a vast wealth of experience and industry expertise, St. Paul’s Group is one of London’s professional construction experts. We profile the group to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success in this competitive market. Jan19192 Company: St. Paul’s Group Ltd | Contact: Kirsten Charles Abela Website: www.stpaulsgroup.co.uk All of this has helped the group to achieve its primary objective: to stand out from the crowd and to be remembered for its quality and project deliv- ery. Actively seeking to continually offer its clients an exceptional level of service they have come to expect. Seeking to build upon its already impressive success, St. Paul’s Group is keen to move into commercial work such as hotel refurbishments, offices and public buildings. This latest development will ensure that the group continues to flourish and can enhance its portfolio of satisfied clients and completed projects throughout 2019 and beyond. www.stpaulsgroup.co.uk Image Credit: www.stpaulsgroup.co.uk © Image Credit: www.stpaulsgroup.co.uk ©

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