2019 Homebuilder Awards

Build 2019 Homebuilder Awards 6 Best New Homebuilder - Essex Connection Construction Ltd is an Essex based specialist housebuilding company working on their own developments as well as supporting private clients and developers. We profile the firm to find out more and find out how far it has come since inception. rather than construction, they act as both client and contractor, giving the firm a unique insight into both worlds which then enables them to advise and closely work alongside new developer clients without losing them with construction jargon. Iain provides support from the office while Graham works as clients’ onsite contact throughout their projects, leading the team from the front and on the tools himself while overseeing any other trades required. Currently, Connection Construction has exciting projects in the pipeline for the rest of 2019, and moving forward the company will be continuing to search for new and exciting development opportunities that offer the chance to further enhance their already impressive portfolio. stablished in 2016, Connection Construction was formed as the specialist house building and development arm of parent company Connection Investments Ltd property investment. Throughout 2017 the team worked on smaller domestic projects before focusing on development projects in 2018, completing a 2-bed house in 6 months for Connection Investments, with another three houses under construction due for compleation in Q2 2019, two more houses underway for a developer client due mid-2019 and a new development in planning, the firm has quickly built a diverse portfolio. Despite being a relatively new company operating in a highly competitive industry, the firm has achieved phenomenal success, which can be attributed to the dedication of its staff and its inventive and creative leadership. Co-Directors Iain Large & Gordon Long sit over both Connection Investments and Connection Construction. Coming from a property investment background E Jan19153 Company: Connection Construction Limited Contact: Iain Large Phone: 07957972349 Connection Construction Limited “Paving the way for success, Site Foreman and Director of Connection Construction Graham Guthrie leads the construction team from the front. His broad and high-level skill set which is backed up by his 22 years of construction experience as well as his network of highly professional and skilled sub-contractors, there’s no challenge Graham and his team can’t overcome.”